[Top 4] Best Wireless Surround Speakers – [2021] An honest Review

Are you fed up with the electric appliance wires lying here and there in your home and searching for some wireless surround speakers to get rid of the randomly lying cables?  Then don’t worry we have written a detailed and well-researched article that will help you find the best wireless surround speaker for your home and it will surely do not break the bank.

Here is our rundown of the best Wireless Surround Speakers

  • Nakamichi Shockwave Ultra 9.2.4 Channel
  • JBL Bar 5.1
  • Platin Monaco 5.1
  • Sonos Beam


What is Wireless Surround Speakers?

Though the word wireless is not something new, it has a whole history. We are listening to Bluetooth and Wifi Portable speakers for many years and these Wireless speakers are the latest up-gradation of them. With the progress in technology, we always find something new and unique that has more features and comfortability associated with the product.

When you are the one who does not want to compromise on the style and management of the room and these cables are the source of demise for you, surely these Wireless Sound speakers will work there.

But to be honest, getting wireless doesn’t mean that there are no wires at all. In the sound system, there is the main unit: Soundbar or Transmitter that must be connected to the power supply and AV Receiver or TV.  So, this is not a truly wireless sound system. But this is still an opportunity for people to have the minimum hassle of cables.

How does a Wired Speaker system work?

There are two types of signals that a wired speaker receives

  • Power Signal
  • Audio Signal

Audio Signals are the ones that speakers receive from your DVD Player or TV whereas power signals are associated with the amplifier. The amplifier converts the electrical signals into audio and enhances and distributes the sound in each speaker equivalently.

In this type of system, there are a lot of wires that are connected to each speaker and soundbar.

How does a Wireless Speaker System Work?

The wireless speaker has an antenna and receiver that captures the radio signals and the receiver converts these signals into an electric signal. There is also an amplifier that enhances the power signal received from the receiver.

The amplifier comes built-in in these speakers. Only you need is a connection to the power supply.

Difference between Wired and Wireless Surround Speakers

One of the obvious differences between both these speakers is the Wires. Of course, wired speakers have wires attached to them whereas wireless speakers operate on Bluetooth technology so these are without wires. Both of the systems have some advantages and disadvantages so let’s discuss them first.

Wireless Surround Speakers 

  • The wireless surround system has no wires so there is no hassle of wires lying here and there.
  • These speakers are easy to round any corner of the house.
  • Because these speakers are not directly connected to the power supply so there is no chance of tripping damage.
  • Good quality wireless speakers are quite expensive. So you have to spend a lot of money to buy them.
  • Wireless systems run slow or do not have the same quality sound with wifi connection.
  • The major problem with these speakers is that they are not absolutely wireless, you still need battery or power supply cables.

Now let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of wired speakers

Wired Speakers

  • Wired speakers are not as costly as wireless speakers. Anyone can afford them.
  • The quality of sound is great as compared to wireless speakers within the same price tag.
  • These speakers do not depend on the wifi or other wireless connection, so you can listen to uninterrupted music.
  • You do not need to search for speaker-compatible batteries.
  • Wires can be a source of any accident moreover these wires make your room look messed up.
  • You can’t move speakers because of the limited wire length.


Top Pick

Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4 Channel

Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4 Channel
  • It is amazing look wise
  • Its Bass quality is also great
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JBL Bar 5.1

JBL Bar 5.1
  • The sound quality is Phenomenal
  • You can use your TV remote to control the speakers’ settings that are much convenient
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Platin Monaco 5.1Platin Monaco 5.1
  • The sound quality is great and clear
  • The quality of the speakers is also very nice.
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Sonos BeamSonos Beam
  • The setting of the speaker is amazing
  • You can adjust the settings of the speaker according to the room ambiance
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1.  Nakamichi Shockwave Ultra 9.2.4 Channel

Nakamichi Shockwave Ultra 9.2.4 Channel


  • Brand: Nakamichi
  • Connectivity: RCA, Bluetooth, HDMI
  • Speaker type: Subwoofer, Rear Surround, Soundbar
  • Mounting type: Floor mounting

This surrounds sound system work on Bluetooth and it has a monstrous 600W limit, permitting the speakers to provide you a theatre-like sound quality. The Nakamichi Shockwave Ultra Wireless Surround Sound System works with selective Spatial Surround Elevation (SSE) technology to give the experience of seven divider speakers, one subwoofer, and four roof speakers (7.1.4 setup), notwithstanding just having only five divider speakers and one subwoofer (5.1 design).

You can connect the wireless surround sound framework with up to six gadgets, including one HDMI ARC, three HDMI, one optical, and one coaxial info. The remote control is also included in the package that helps you control the volume, channel settings, shutoff, etc.

These speakers are specially designed to give you a cinematic experience in the comfort of your home.

  • It is amazing to look wise
  • Its Bass quality is also great
  • You can connect this system to 6 gadgets.
  • While changing the volume or channel the sound of the speaker drops


2.  JBL Bar 5.1-Channel 4K Ultra HD Soundbar

JBL Bar 5.1-Channel 4K Ultra HD Soundbar


  • Brand: JBL
  • Connectivity:1 Analog, 1 Optical, Bluetooth, USB
  • Speaker type: Soundbar
  • Mounting type: Floor mounting

JBL Bar 5.1 is a wireless surround sound system and it has 510 watts of ability to deliver amazing volume out of a solitary subwoofer and a five-speaker soundbar. For a 5.1 design wireless sound arrangement, separate the speakers on one or the flip side of the soundbar and mount them along the edges or back of the room.

You can link your gadgets through Bluetooth and can also utilize the three HDMI sources to connect to your TV or other top-quality gadgets. The separable speakers are totally wireless, permitting you to mount them any place you need. They are fueled with powered batteries that last as long as 10 hours prior to waiting to be re-energized.

You will definitely experience an extraordinary epic sound quality. This sound system permits you to change the sound from your TV to your phone or vice versa. An amazing fact about this speaker is that you don’t have to purchase a separate remote control for this system, you can use your TV remote control to change its settings.

  • The sound quality is Phenomenal
  • You can use your TV remote to control the speakers’ settings that are much convenient.
  • You can easily connect 3HDMI sources to 4K gadgets.
  • The battery timing is not so good.


3.  Platin Monaco 5.1 Plus Axiim Link Immersive System

Platin Monaco 5.1 Plus Axiim Link Immersive System


  • Brand: Platin
  • Power source: Corded Electric
  • Speaker type: surround sound
  • Mounting type: Floor mounting

The Platin Monaco 5.1 Plus Axiim Link Immersive Wireless System is planned explicitly for use with WiSA confirmed items through the included Axiim center point. It is tuned by HTX that is well-reputed in providing cinematic sound quality. It doesn’t utilize Bluetooth or WiFi, rather depending on a WiSA explicit association that produces excellent sound quality that falls between the Bluetooth sound quality and top-notch WiFi.

This WiSA confirmed 270W framework wouldn’t stun anybody with its volume, however, it’s all that could possibly be needed for most media rooms. You can associate Axiim LINK to your LG OLED or NanoCell Smart TV, or to your Xbox One, Series S, or Series X console. The 5.1 speaker arrangement accompanies three separate speakers for the front, two for the side or back, and a subwoofer.

This sound system is very easy to install so you don’t have to spend tons of hours on its installation. When we talk about the design of this speaker, it’s something that would perfectly fit with any interior style. It gives you a hassle-free wireless experience.

  • The sound quality is great and clear
  • The quality of the speakers is also very nice.
  • AXIM Link app is great
  • Some customers have issues regarding volume adjustments.


4. Sonos Beam

Sonos Beam


  • Brand: Bose
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Speaker type: soundbar
  • Mounting type: tabletop

Sonos packs a ton of sound into a smaller bar of just 25.6 inches. Its Vivid, rich sound can deal with the highs and lows of all your favorite motion pictures and shows.

You just simply have to connect the speakers with the WIFI, and utilize the control on the Sonos application, just as Apple Airplay 2. Amazon Alexa is constructed directly so you can play music, check the news, set cautions, without doing anything. While the bass is somewhat light, you can generally associate it to a Sonos Sub on the off chance that you need a little lift.

It is very easy to install these speakers, the application guidelines are sufficient for you to install them step by step. It’s likewise light enough to move around the room and even mount on the divider.

  • The setting of the speaker is amazing
  • You can adjust the settings of the speaker according to the room ambiance.
  • It comes with a beam.
  • Sometimes Alexa is irritating for some people as it stops on any sound.

Product name Nakamichi Shockwave Ultra 9.2.4 ChannelJBL Bar 5.1Platin Monaco 5.1Sonos Beam 
Brand NakamichiJBLPlatinSonos
Product dimensions 45.5 x 3 x 3.5 inches14.93 x 17.91 x 39.69 inches18 x 17 x 15 inches25.6 x 2.7 x 3.9 inches
Connectivity Technology RCA, Bluetooth, HDMI1 Analog, 1 Optical, Bluetooth, USBUSB-AWireless
Color BlackBlackBlackBlack
Speaker type Subwoofer, Rear Surround, SoundbarSoundbarSurround SoundSoundbar
Mounting type Floor standingFloor standingFloor standingTabletop


A wireless surround sound system is more convenient and hassle-free. You don’t have to worry about the wires lying here and there in your room. But these wireless sound system is not completely wireless. There is a wire to connect this sound system to the power supply.

Hope you have read the article thoroughly and have decided on a suitable wireless surround sound system for your sweet home.


Is wireless surround sound as good as wired?
Wireless surround speakers are more expensive and the sound quality of the wireless speakers is not as good as the wired speakers within the same price range.
How are wireless surround speakers powered?
Wireless speakers usually are connected to the power supply whereas there are some wireless speakers that operate on the batteries only. You only have to recharge the battery once.
Are soundbars better than speakers?
We can’t say that the soundbars are better than speakers, it depends on the quality. Soundbars are more convenient and take less space whereas speakers occupy more space. And the quality of sound is also great.

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