6 Best Mini Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Reviews – In 2021

There are music lovers everywhere, and of course, none of them wants to compromise on the quality of their favorite music. We have a list of Portable wireless Bluetooth speakers that are best in this regard. These mini speakers come with the latest Bluetooth technology and you can carry them wherever you want.

These mini speakers look stylish and cute without any compromise on sound quality. Let’s review our list of the 6 best portable wireless Bluetooth speakers:

List of the Best mini Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

  • Anker Soundcore Mini,
  • Bose SoundLink Micro
  • Bose SoundLink Color II
  • Etekcity Roverbeats T3
  • A2 LENRUE Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  • EWA A106 Bluetooth Speaker


1.  Anker Soundcore Mini

Anker Soundcore Mini


  • Brand: Anker
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, Auxiliary
  • Speaker type: subwoofer


Here the first that comes to our list is Anker Soundcore Mini. This mini speaker has exceptional sound quality. You will get a crystal clear sound experience and powerful bass because of its 5W audio driver.

You can carry this mini speaker with you wherever you want. Its Bluetooth 4.0 can easily connect with any other device and there is no compatibility issue.

An amazing thing about this speaker is that it has a noise cancellation feature and 66 ft transmission range that gives you an opportunity for hands-free calling. Its battery timing is exceptional, you can listen to your music continuously for 15 hours, which is a very long period.

It has microSD Support, Aux-in-Jack, and F.M Radio to listen to your favorite jockey.

  • This is a good mini sound speaker
  • Its sound quality and bass is good
  • You can carry this mini speaker where ever you want
  • Its Bluetooth connects easily with any device
  • Price is also reasonable for this amazing device
  • It is not durable
  • Some people have issues with the charging cable
  • It is not very loud


2.  Bose SoundLink Micro

Bose SoundLink Micro


  • Brand: Bose
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Speaker type: Outdoor


This sound speaker is waterproof from both inside and outside. Isn’t it amazing? Whether it’s raining outside or it’s snowy, no need to worry about the speakers. All the technical material inside the speaker is covered with silicon that repels water that giving a perfect seal to its inside.

You can receive calls from your sound speaker because of the SoundLink Micro feature. You can listen to more clear words. You can connect your speaker with any other device through its latest Bluetooth technology.

It has the feature of google assistant to perform different actions. Its sound quality is amazing and you can experience an extraordinary bass. It has a battery timing of 6 hours, I think that is a bit low.

  • These compact speakers have amazing sound quality
  • Its size is perfect
  • Its waterproof feature is amazing
  • This speaker has no compatibility issues
  • It’s easy to pair up with other devices
  • Some people have faced charging issues with these speakers
  • It sometimes rattles


3.  Bose SoundLink Color II

Bose SoundLink Color II


  • Brand: Bose
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Speaker type: Outdoor


This little stylish box has is packed with the latest technologies. An amazing thing about this compact speaker is that there is no vibration while playing loud music and it will remain intact in its position.

This SoundLink Color II speaker is waterproof and there is no chance of water entering inside the speaker because of the silicon cover. This made it much more durable and tough. You can take it anywhere and it’s very easy to carry this small speaker with you. You can even put this speaker beside the pool or lake and can relish yourself with the music.

It is very easy to control the sound system, you only have to press the button and here you go. You can easily pair up this device with other devices, pick up calls, and skip tracks.

Its lithium-ion battery can play music for up to 8 hours.

  • Its sound quality is incredible
  • You can connect easily to other devices
  • It’s easy to pair it up with other
  • It has a party mode feature
  • It is water-resistant
  • Its battery is not awesome
  • Some people have also complained about the slow charging of this speaker


4.  Etekcity Roverbeats T3

Etekcity Roverbeats T3


  • Brand: Etekcity
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, Auxiliary
  • Speaker type: Outdoor


This mini speaker is enough to rock your world. Roverbeats T3 has CSR Bluetooth that ensures loud and clear audio. Its bottom has an anti-skid mat that cancels the vibration effect and stops the speaker from moving from its place.

You can connect almost any device to these Roverbeats T3 speakers without any difficulty. These speakers have great sound quality. It has a 3.5mm charging jack that easily connects to the computer USB or other chargers.

It has long battery life. After charging it for 2 hours its battery survives for almost 8 hours. That is good battery life.

Roverbeats T3 also has a built-in mic that gives you an opportunity for hands-free calling. This easy-to-go compact speaker is everything you can ask for.

  • This speaker has an amazing sound quality
  • Its an affordable speaker
  • Its size is compact
  • Battery is good
  • It is very easy to use
  • It gets very loud sometimes
  • Bluetooth makes some issues
  • Some people have complained about the compatibility with devices


5.  A2 LENRUE Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

A2 LENRUE Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


  • Brand: League
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Auxiliary
  • Speaker type: Outdoor


League portable wireless Bluetooth speaker has amazing battery life. Its lithium-ion battery stays charged for up to 8 hours, having a capacity of 1000mAH.

Its Bluetooth transmission capacity is 33ft and with its latest Bluetooth technology, you can connect these speakers with any other device like a smartphone, iPhone, iPad, computer, etc.

These speakers are compact and look stylish and you can carry them with you wherever you want to go. Hence proved that the league speakers are good.

These speakers have a 3.5mm AUX jack that connects to the computer or other charging device.

  • It looks stylish
  • Its Bluetooth is easy to connect with other devices
  • This small speaker is easy to carry
  • Good value for the product
  • The sound is very clear
  • Speakers are not very loud
  • Sometimes sound become scratchy


6.  EWA A106 Bluetooth Speakers

EWA A106 Bluetooth Speakers


  • Brand: EWA
  • Connectivity: wireless
  • Speaker type: Outdoor, Subwoofer


An amazing thing about this mini speaker is that it is very lightweight and tiny. Whereas other mini speakers available in the market are heavy. Thi small speaker has everything one might ask for.

These speakers are weatherproof which means that they are water, dust, snow, and shockproof. You can take this mini speaker with you on hiking, camping, or swimming.  These speakers are perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities.

It has an LED indicator on the front that controls all the functions. Its battery life is average, once you fully charge it, its lithium-polymer battery survives for 4.5 hours. This battery timing is a bit low but in this price range, it is an amazing speaker.

  • It is verty stylish speaker
  • It is tiny and lightweight
  • It is weatherproof
  • Easy to control
  • It has a downward bass Radiator
  • Its battery timing is just average
  • Its volume is a bit low


PRODUCTAnker Soundcore MiniBose SoundLink MicroBose SoundLink Color IIEtekcity Roverbeats T3A2 LENRUE Portable Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerEWA A106 Bluetooth speaker
Brand AnkerBoseBoseEtekcityLenrueEWA
ConnectivityBluetooth ,auxiliary, USBBluetoothBluetoothBluetooth ,auxiliary, USBBluetooth , auxiliaryWireless
ColorBlackBlack, blue, orangeVariety of colorsVariety of colorsBlackSilver, black, pink
Dimensions2.7 x 2.7 x 2.7 in1.4 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches2.2 x 5 x 5.2 inches4.9 x 3.1 x 2.9 inches2.5 x 2.5 x 1.9 inches1.9 x 1.9 x 1.6 inches
Speaker typesubwooferOutdoorOutdoorOutdoorOutdoorOutdoor, subwoofer


All these mini speakers are very efficient and affordable. Amazing thing about these speakers is that you can take them with you where ever you want. They are easy to carry and use. You can easily connect them with the iPhone, iPad, Android phone or your computer and can listen to your favorite music.

These compact speakers are good for you if you are a music lover and wouldn’t stop yourself  listening to the music. You can take them to the beach, picnic, for swimming or hiking. They can be your perfect time pass companion.  What else do you want?

Find the best one from our list and enjoy the non-stop music!

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