Nixon Blaster Pro Bluetooth Speaker – Review [In 2021]

Nixon Master Blasters is very suitable for people who make snowboards, and it sounds very good. These Nixon headphones are specifically designed for skiers, so it’s no surprise that they are very durable but comfortable to wear. They produce a pleasant open and spacious sound with very good clarity and impressive bass depth and weight.

Compared with the best bass, this bass does not have the density that makes the sound lighter, and there are signs of gasping at high frequencies.

It is a portable speaker designed to be both shock-resistant and water-resistant, we tested out the Blaster to assess its ability to tackle the bump and grind of the active user while simultaneously investigating its ability to share quality sound.

Nixon Blaster Pro Speaker – Overview

Nixon Blaster Pro Speaker


Like Ted Baker, Nixon Blaster sees as another fashion brand that has made breakthroughs in audio accessories. No matter which color you choose, the bright and eye-catching popping sound can make the speaker perform well. The overall design is very clean; the subtle LED indicator allows you to keep up to date with the latest information, and the rubber-like feel adds to the functional style of the shot blasting machine. The purposeful design is not only beautiful but also points out the moisture and impact resistance of the spotlight, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

The Nixon speaker is wrapped in rubber, while the auxiliary and USB ports are hidden behind a delicate rubber cover to protect the most vulnerable parts from contamination. After pressing and holding the Bluetooth pairing button, Nixon Blaster will make a good sound, but not a lot of basses.

Therefore, if you like overweight soundtracks, you will be disappointed. Even at higher volume, the high and mid frequencies can become tight and harsh, proving that this isn’t one for hi-fi home listening.

Key Features

  • Design: It is designed by people who know what we get up to, the Blaster is really hardy, it is also practically waterproof.
  • Change The Mood: When listening to the Nikon Blaster, you will get a clear sound that can change the mood according to the song.
  • Comfort Issues: Nixon’s Master Blaster headphones’ bright, immediate sound will appeal to some buyers, but comfort issues may be a deal-breaker.
  • Cable: The Master Blaster comes with a skinny, braided cloth covered 5-foot long (removable) headphone cable terminated with iPhone compatible 3.5mm plugs at both ends. The cable connects to the left channel earcup.



Designed to withstand the bumps and tumbles that a user may come across in their daily outdoor activity, the Blaster is labeled as shock-resistant and water-resistant, meaning that although it may not be able to withstand a five-story fall or a deep-sea dive, it should still be able to handle a rough ride through a skate park or a basketball court. We brought the Blaster along with us to our lunchtime basketball antics at the HYPETRAK Headquarters to test its abilities and were pleasantly surprised with how it held its ground.

The Blaster’s all-around rubber cushion absorbed any kicks and falls that came in its way while the sound stream remained clear and unobstructed, meaning that the speaker was noticeably durable when faced with the collateral damage of an active surrounding.

User‘s Experience

One tends to be skeptical when investigating wireless speakers that have been signed off as user-friendly largely because the concept of simply pulling a wire out of the equation rarely makes the user experience any easier, and oftentimes, the act of pairing a Bluetooth device with the speaker alone becomes a task in itself.

Thankfully, with the Blaster, this was not the case. It took about three seconds for a smartphone and the Blaster to “discover” each other, with the Bluetooth icon conveniently displaying the speaker’s battery life alongside the device’s own battery life display.

I tested the speaker’s sound sharing ability from as many platforms as possible, via Safari, SoundCloud, Spotify, and the library of songs stored within the device itself, and the Blaster was able to keep up with the shift from platform to platform in a seamless manner that definitely puts it a step above other wireless speaker experiences.

For the user who prefers a more old-school approach, an auxiliary cable plugs into the side of the speaker dock, making the sound-sharing experience even more straightforward. Volume control and song changing functions are located at the top of the speaker, while the inbuilt microphone aids in the smartphone user’s switch from music player to telephone.

The Nikon Blaster and the Blaster mini are shaped like a rectangular box and come in different colors though the main one is black. One of its most advertised features is that the speaker is very shockproof and waterproof.

This means that you won’t need to worry about breaking your speaker because of clumsy hands and feet. It has an asymmetric grate pattern on the front like many other typical speakers but is clean without any big logos all over it. Simple buttons on the top will control everything you need and are coated in a nice rubbery material making it not feel cheap.


The Blaster has a medium battery of 12 hours so will last most days. It charges quickly so setting it down for a bit during the day will bring you another 12 hours. Little LEDs will tell you about battery life and actually very helpful in the dark when trying to find your speaker.

  • The Nixon Master Blaster over-the-ear headphones deliver highly detailed sound.
  • It produces strong bass i.e. heavily padded real leather headband and ear cushions.
  • Right channel ear cup doubles as a volume control.
  • It is a detachable headphone cable and large in size.
  • It has a semisoft carry case.
  • The ear pads of the Nixon Master Blaster headphones put excessive pressure on the ears.


To Sum Up

It’s the perfect wireless speaker for people who like to hang out at the beach. They have made this wireless speaker for the individual who’s always on the go.

I would recommend this wireless speaker to anyone who’d love a good wireless speaker. It’s a very nice durable wireless speaker. Best of all, the speaker does not cost much.


How do you reset a Nixon Blaster?
You can hold the Power button until the light flashes and turns off. If you cannot get it to turn off that way, right above where the charger goes into the blaster there is a little hole, you can use a paper clip, pen, or another item to lightly press into the hole, it will do a hard reset, and you should be all set!
How do I know if my Nixon Blaster is charging?
On a full charge, the battery will last about 12 hours, depending on the volume level and music content. When the battery is LOW, the Power LED will change from RED to YELLOW while powered ON.
Is the Nixon Mini Blaster waterproof?
The Mini Blaster bumps full-size sound out of the water, shock, and sand-resistant body. Built tough to go anywhere, this little bigmouth features true wireless technology so you can crank up the volume wherever the party takes you.


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