Top 10 Motorcycle Speakers – 2021 Review

Earlier, just bigger bikes were outfitted with speakers. Today, motorbike sound system kits can be outfitted on any kind of motorcycle. There are various brands in the market, but the problem is in choosing motorcycle speakers that have minimal issues. There are two factors that are imperative to your choice is the performance of the speaker and its price. Will you get a high-performing speaker at an extraordinary cost?

We will focus mainly on 3 primary parts of bike speakers: sound execution, power, and ease of use. The truth is, there is an excessive number of speakers available in the market. What’s more, a ton of them is cheap. As we know that appearance is deceptive, so don’t just look for a pretty speaker but also check its quality and features. Otherwise, without a quality motorcycle speaker, your cash could be squandered in a couple of months.

For some bike aficionados who have a passion for music, there are three different ways to tune in to music while riding:

  • Earbuds
  • Cap with speakers
  • Handlebar speakers

Every speaker has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, earbuds. These earbuds are normally not liked by everyone as they are a bit uncomfortable and you will face an issue if you are wearing a helmet. Head protectors with speakers have a lot of difficult issues as well. Probably, you will find it hard to control the ears buds and helmet speakers. So, if you need to converse with somebody, you need to bring down the volume or take the helmet off.

What’s more, there are wires and connections that can be troublesome. Bike speakers are the ideal decision for many individuals. While they are somewhat pricier than the initial two choices, a decent arrangement of handlebar speakers would merit the extra expense in light of their reasonableness.

Top 10 Motorcycle Speakers

1. JBL Cruise Bluetooth Handlebar Speakers

JBL Cruise Bluetooth Handlebar SpeakersAbout this Product:

  • Brand: JBL
  • Speaker Type: Soundbar
  • Weight: 4.2 pounds
  • Power Supply: Battery

It’s profoundly impossible that the JBL Motorbike Bluetooth Handlebar speakers will make the rundown of the best 10 motorbike speakers in coming years. These speakers have a variety of amazing specifications that make them top-quality motorcycle speakers.

With mirror coordination sections, riders can undoubtedly introduce the speaker without any problem. This simple to-set-up instrument of the JBL motorbike Bluetooth Handlebar Speakers manages the cost of riders the chance to mount whenever it might suit them.

The models of the Sound framework are worked with an astonishing plan of 100% IPX 5 water-safe materials. So you have no concerns utilizing this speaker under extraordinary downpour or burning sun. It has incredible resistance against the sun or water.

These remotely associated speakers are made with the high energy of 2 x 20 Watts RMS. There is Bluetooth that is built-in. Moreover, utilizing this sound system additionally promises you extraordinary volume regardless of whether you’re riding in the thickest of loud conditions or at a high speed.


  • Not very expensive
  • Easy Installation
  • Resistance against water and sun
  • High force
  • Extraordinary Volume
  • Bluetooth: 3.0
  • Weight: 350 g
  • Frequency: 90 Hz to 15kHz
  • Signal-to noise proportion: >80d
  • Backing: A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.4

Preferably, the JBL bike speakers are ideal for riders who have an inclination for little bikes. In case you’re likewise searching for something that you will not have to burn up all available resources, at this point, the JBL is the correct pick and the ideal decision for each rider.

  • Easy to install
  • Price is reasonable
  • Very loud
  • The sound quality is amazing
  • Not recommended for full-face helmet speakers.


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2. Boss MCBK 420B

Boss MCBK 420B About this Product:

  • Brand: BOSS Audio System
  • Speaker Type: Outdoor
  • Size: 3 inches

The Boss MCBK 420B’s have an extraordinary standing in the market. It consists of pair of 3-inch, full-range speakers for 12-volt bikes, bicycles, and ATVs. Its installation is quite easy and you will be overwhelmed by its 600-watt power. They aren’t the most remarkable pair of speakers available, yet they work effectively for city or roadway driving.

With the MCBK420B, you can utilize your cell phone to play music, an MP3 player, or stream music through Bluetooth. It is climate-proof so you can utilize it while passing through light to direct rain and mist. On the off chance that you end up sprinkling water on them, they can deal with it and will not short out.


  • Wired controller
  • Viable with Pandora and Spotify
  • Two RCA inputs, one 3.5 mm input
  • In-line volume control
  • With amplifier
  • Accompanies customizable mounting sections and can fit on handlebars estimating 0.75 to 1.25 inches
  • Recurrence Response: 80 Hz – 15 kHz, the decibel is under 85 dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion – under 0.01%
  • 3-year guarantee

You will be intrigued by the fresh, clear stable sound. They are equally noise-free at higher volumes. Furthermore, in light of the fact that they’re cheap doesn’t mean the speakers don’t perform like an easy set. You get an extraordinary incentive for your dollar. Actually, the lone frustration for us with this model is the plastic lodging that may stain after some time.

  • Very loud
  • Inexpensive
  • Good sound quality
  • Plastic lodging
  • No bass


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3. Cardo Packtalk

About this Product:

  • Brand: Cardo
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Power Supply: Lithium Battery

Cardo by PACTALK is extraordinary as compared to other bike speakers in the town. The significant component that takes care of Cardo is the JBL controlled sound framework. The JBL controlled speakers work their best, even on a bike.

The workers at JBL planned an explicitly tuned processor that can upgrade the music to be discernible while riding. The shocking technique of the speakers is that even at the maximum loudness quality of the sound is not affected.

Perhaps the best component of this gadget is that you don’t need to utilize your hands for its work. You can utilize voice orders to work the gadget. This guarantees security by staying away from any blunders in driving because of touching activity.

Interfacing the radio with this Bluetooth speaker is easy. On account of the Dynamic Mesh innovation utilized in the speaker, you can remain associated with a radio gathering whenever it is set up. With the DMC, the gadget consequently reconnects to the radio on the off chance that you got any call while utilizing the radio.

Cardo is one of the slimmest Bluetooth frameworks for a motorbike. It is almost 6.5 mm. it is very easy to fix the problems even outdoors. Cardo’s plan gives it a favorable position over numerous different gadgets in the town. Because of its streamlined design, you can even fit this speaker to the bike’s cap.

This bike Bluetooth framework is entirely strong too. Cardo is qualified as IP67 waterproof, which allows you to utilize this speaker in any event, even if it is raining or storming. You can associate Cardo effectively with your cell phone. At the point when it is associated with a cell phone, you can tune in to music, use GPS, and phone someone with this gadget.


  • Sound by JBL
  • Weatherproof
  • Powered by DMC
  • Slimmest communicator

In the event that your financial plan is around 200 dollars, this is the best bike sound framework that you can get.

  • Bluetooth works very well
  • Amazing sound quality
  • The battery lasts up to 10 hours
  • Weatherproof
  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Manual is not easy to understand


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GOSHAWK TN4-Q About this Product:

  • Brand: GOSHAWK
  • Weight: 7.9 pounds
  • Power Supply: wired-electric

In the event that you are searching for the most flexible cruiser speaker that will in any case give you the most intense bike speakers without spending much on it then go for it.

It accompanies 4 speakers and is evaluated at 1000 watts. If you are a bass lover then you will truly like these speakers. The midpoints and highpoints are very good also. The quality is great also with the speaker lodging manufactured by using aluminum.

The plus point of this speaker framework is its flexibility as it works very well and maybe utilized in various manners. Aside from the Bluetooth 5.0 network, you get USB availability, inbuilt FM radio, uphold for Micro SD card, 3.5 mm jack, and MP3 playback.

It accompanies an LCD screen that makes controlling very simple and natural. It accompanies a full-work remote controller that can handle everything from evolving volume, and changing tracks to evolving modes.

Most importantly, it accompanies an on-off option that can be a helpful component for some. It isn’t awesome; nonetheless, there are some minor problems in it that are quite irritating.

The remote availability is incredible but sometimes it tends to be somewhat cranky when you are attempting to match another gadget.

A light beep is likewise heard each time the volume is expanded or diminished which can be a positive or negative thing relying upon your requirements. Some people consider it to be very diverting, however.


  • Wattage: 1000 Watts
  • Excellent Construct quality
  • Excellent Sound quality
  • Reasonable
  • Great Commotion

These are, nonetheless, little issues and generally, these speakers convey and they offer the greatest value for the money when you consider all the extra features you get with it.

  • Bass is good
  • Amazing structure
  • USB Charging
  • Remote controller
  • Beep sound, every time you change the volume


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5. Kuryakyn 2720 MTX

Kuryakyn 2720 MTXAbout this Product:

  • Brand: Kuryakyn
  • Speaker Type: Soundbar
  • Power Supply: Corded Electric, Battery Powered

This is a remarkable sound framework as it is not exactly a Bluetooth speaker or a sound system speaker. Kuryakyn is a soundbar. You can interface this gadget to your cell phone utilizing Bluetooth, yet the design of the gadget totally changes from other Bluetooth speakers. In contrast to other speakers, this Bluetooth framework is best when fitted between the handlebars of the bike.

Since the fitting position is straightforwardly before the rider, there will not be a lot of dismemberment in the sound. It additionally looks amazing when utilized with other bikes.

Perhaps the best thing about this Bluetooth speaker is the intensification power of the gadget. Despite the fact that this gadget is little more than the majority of the customary sound system speakers, it has amazing enhancement with a 4-channel amplifier.

The four-channel amplifier controls up to 2″ x 3″ full-range speakers. Two voice coils are present in the framework. For better solid intensification and improved quality, the cruiser Bluetooth framework utilizes 1-inch silk arch tweeters.

These tweeters joined with the N-42 magnets utilized in the framework ensure that the sound is moved toward a path, consequently diminishing the commotion in the sound.

Kuryakyn 2720 MTX Road Thunder utilizes a 4.1 Bluetooth framework to associate with telephones and different gadgets. The utilization of this recent innovation guarantees that the association produced using this Bluetooth framework is more steady and is handily pursued by the receiving device. You can likewise interface this Bluetooth framework to certain GPS gadgets to utilize its specifications like route, distance planning, and so on.


  • 4-channel amplifier
  • Bluetooth
  • Weatherproof
  • Mounted soundbar

This Bluetooth sound framework is amazing and can be utilized in any climate condition. The gadget is totally fixed to keep any residue from entering it. Regardless of whether the internals of the gadget is opened up, take care that they are fixed before the next usage. The implicit warmth sink of the gadget assists with keeping it cool even in summer.

Kuryakyn 2720 MTX Road Thunder is IP66 water-safe. It is fairly lower than the past model. If you are not anticipating bringing the bike into a pool, you can go for this gadget.

  • 4.1 Bluetooth system
  • IP66 water-safe
  • Remote controller
  • Easy to install
  • Very expensive


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6. Boss Audio Systems MRWT40

Boss Audio Systems MRWT40About this Product:

  • Brand: Boss Audio Systems
  • Speaker Type: outdoor
  • Speaker size: 3 inches

MRWT40 Motorcycle Speaker is perhaps the new model from BOSS. You can interface this gadget to your telephone with a gadget and use it for different purposes. One of the significant preferences of the gadget is that you can interface it to different web-based features like Spotify and Pandora, to stream music.

The Bluetooth sound framework has a two-channel enhancer. The sound from the gadget may not be lively; however, it will positively fit the requirements of the greater part of the bikers. MRWT40 Motorcycle Speaker is exceptionally durable. It is waterproof and can be utilized in any kind of climate. The gadget is fixed tight to keep any unwanted substances from entering the gadget.

This Bluetooth gadget likewise has an extraordinary design. The two speakers that come with the gadget are chrome-covered to look amazing on your bike. The flexible sections of the Bluetooth framework will fit in cruisers with handlebars of .75 inches to 1.25 inches.

There is an in-line volume regulator in the gadget. Ensure that you fix the primary control board in a reachable position because there is no sound controller of this gadget. One of the significant impediments of this gadget is that the gadget ought to be constrained by a hand. There is no alternative to controlling the gadget without touching it.


  • Bluetooth
  • 2-channel amplifier
  • Weatherproof
  • Convenient sound controller

Subsequent to examining the client surveys, we found that the gadget can perform at full even at high speed. A few clients also mentioned that they can listen to the music clearly even at paces of 110 kmph.

On the off chance that your financial plan is around a hundred dollars, this is extraordinary compared to other cruiser sound systems you could get.

  • Very loud
  • Weatherproof
  • Bluetooth works well
  • Easy installation
  • No remote controller


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7. KICKER 40PSM34 4 Ohm Mini

KICKER 40PSM34 4 Ohm MiniAbout this Product:

  • Brand: KICKER
  • Speaker Type: Soundbar
  • Speaker weight: 3.5 pounds

It is a small speaker weighing simply 3.45 pounds; these small speakers will not draw a lot of people’s attraction. They fit unpretentiously on the handlebars, without changing the general look of the bike. The speakers are encased in an exemplary chrome shell. In addition to the fact that it looks awesome, but at the same time it’s waterproof as well. They stay impenetrable to dampness harm, whatever the climate is.

They’re effortlessly connected to the handlebars with little, yet strong rings. What’s more, don’t stress all the mounting equipment we require comes in the package.

Generally, the sound is very even, with neither an excessive amount of high pitch nor bass. I think that it would be appropriate for most music classifications, from hefty metal to K-pop.

They can adapt to high volume as well. Regularly, small size speakers can wind up with distortion or can even end-up completely.  But in this case, the speakers are small but can perform very well.

They have not enhanced cruiser speakers or controlled speakers as they are additionally known. In this way, the amplifier is something that we need to get ourselves. This can be tedious work to search for the amplifier and speakers that best supplement one another. Furthermore, considering the amplifier is excluded, the cost is quite steep.


  • Weatherproof
  • PSM speakers
  • Suitable for handlebars

For this sort of cost, we would not anticipate that it should be sold independently. In this way, for riders that have an amplifier, these speakers are an opportunity. Yet, on account of the expense, others might need to look somewhere else.

  • Great quality amplifier
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy installation
  • Good sound quality
  • Sound quality is not good at higher volumes


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LEXIN LX-S3About this Product:

  • Brand: LEXIN
  • Speaker Type: outdoor
  • Power Supply: battery

If you are searching for a marginally more recognized and beautiful speaker then these speakers must come to count. The bullet-style speakers have the correct blend of beauty and tech. Try not to be tricked by the 50-watt rating as this is in RMS while most speakers are appraised in PMPO.

It is identical to around 400 watts PMPO which on paper may appear as though not being sufficient however, these speakers have volume enough for most viable applications. The USB port additionally bends over as a port to associate your USB drives. It is likewise, one of the most effortless speaker frameworks to introduce on a cruiser.

The sound quality is its best component with a decent stable yield that lays equivalent concentration on the bass, midpoints, and highpoints, and there is no twisting in any event when it is worked at its most extreme volume.


  • Amazing look
  • Extraordinary sound quality
  • USB charging ports
  • Excellent built quality

The enormous disadvantage is its cost. It is a tiny bit on the higher side for a 2-speaker framework. It does not come with a remote controller. There are many brands in the market that are offering speakers with these features at low prices.

  • Great sound
  • USB charging
  • Great structure
  • Expensive
  • No remote controller


9. Pyle Phono Turntable Preamp

Pyle Phono Turntable PreampAbout this Product:

  • Brand: Pyle Store
  • Speaker Type: outdoor
  • Speaker size: 3 inches

If you mostly ride on the busiest traffic cruiser streets, this upscale Pyle Phono 100 Watts Motorcycle Speaker causes you to tune in to your #1 music and FM stations. You can even attach your MP3 player or iPod to the speakers to upgrade the implicit 3.5 mm jack. Also, with an enhancer that offers you unlimited oversight over your sound, these speakers are greatly made with underlying uproarious volume and tone in the high pitch, bass, and computerized controls.

The Pyle speakers accompany consistent mounting sections and adornments that make the establishment fitting of the speaker consistent and fast. That is the reason I generally suggest this arrangement of speakers for riders who are enthusiasts of Scooters and bikes. Truth be told, snowmobile, ATV, and Wave sprinters’ aficionados have a lot of involvement since they’re made of marine evaluation.

The speakers are additionally waterproof, enabling them to withstand any climate conditions or strains of issues from the components. This permits you to tune in to your number one music in any event, when you’re riding in the downpour.


  • Customizable bass, volume, and high pitch
  • Viable with Scooters, Boat, cruisers, snowmobile, ATV or Waverunner
  • Effectively connectable to different gadgets
  • Many control features: Volume control, Power switch, Indicator, Mute capacity, control
  • Simple to-contact button controls

These speakers have chrome finishing, the Pyle speaker has a fabulous handlebar design, and a mounted speaker gathering that accompanies a bullet-style case. The case has two 3-inches waterproof speakers and a small amplifier.

  • Water-proof
  • Easy installation
  • The remote controller has a wire
  • Lacks a quality bass


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10. Sound Storm Laboratories SMC95BC

Sound Storm Laboratories SMC95BCAbout this Product:

  • Audio Systems: Sound Storm Laboratories
  • Speaker Type: outdoor
  • Speaker weight: 7.7 pounds

If you want to depict the SMC95BC in a couple of words, its installation is not difficult and entirely trustworthy to utilize. Nonetheless, you get much more once you experience the full power and scope of these speakers. It has 1000 watts and four speakers, which implies it’s ideal for 12v motorcycles. It actually looks surprising for such a smaller motorcycle, yet it’s up to you if you actually need the blast and force.


  • Two sets of 3-inch full reach speakers
  • Water-proof framework.
  • Bluetooth
  • Wired controller
  • Wired speaker
  • One 3.5 mm assistant contribution for MP3 or cell phone
  • Recurrence reaction of 80 Hz to 15KHz
  • The decibel level of 85 dB
  • All out Harmonic Distortion of under 0.01%
  • Flexible mounting sections (handlebars)

Although a little and conservative, it is very powerful for its size and its sound is amazing. We saw that with all that power, there was a slight disengage with the bass and midrange sounds.

  • Easy installation
  • Loud sound
  • Weatherproof
  • Remote controller
  • Weight is a bit more
  • Sometimes it creates an issue with bass and midrange sounds


Things to consider while buying a Motorcycle speaker

Bike speakers are somehow different from the speakers we use in our cars and at home. These speakers must be conservative. They should be sufficiently able to be heard over the sound of the motor with small wiring. Also, they ought to have specifications like Bluetooth or remote communicating.

There are so many other features that you should also count on.

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Handlebar bicycle speakers have reach wattages. To make it easy, the overall principle is the lower the wattage, the calmer the speakers. The higher the wattage, the louder the speakers. On the other hand, if you are planning for city driving, you need not bother with high wattage since you won’t increase the speed. In any case, numerous riders favor uproarious sound so a higher wattage may be ideal. Eventually, wattage is an individual decision.

For low CC bicycles with a normal speed of 50 miles/hour, the 100-watt speaker framework or Series 1 is energetically suggested. Wattage beginning at 150, otherwise called Series 2, is preferred for rider velocities of 50 to 70 miles/hour. Arrangement 3 is the sound framework that has more than 200 watts and is suggested for visiting and parkway driving.


An amplifier is what powers the sound, and scope of the speakers. They are either incorporated into the sound framework or sold independently. It is essential to know the number of amplifiers your speakers have. The adjustment of the speakers’ RMS power dealing to the enhancer’s RMS power needs great care.

Waterproof Speakers

Most handlebar speakers are water safe. This implies they can deal with a light deluge. The waterproof kids are somewhat more extraordinary to discover, yet in the event that you frequently ride during harsh climate, they’re an unquestionable requirement. On the off chance that you purchase the speaker and amplifier independently, it’s essential to check if both are waterproof.

Information Source

The most widely recognized information source would be a cell phone that utilizes the 3.5mm jack, for example, an iPhone. A few speakers take into consideration different sound sources including Bluetooth whereas a few speakers sell the info source independently.

In the event that you need the all-in bundle, search for a sound framework with a head unit that must have Bluetooth, since it dispenses with the utilization of wires, yet recollect that inconsistent associations can demolish the good times. It can cause skipping of tracks or make it hard for you to control while driving.


The typical guarantee included is one year. A few organizations offer a maintenance agreement as an extra pick-in.

The Verdict

Since we arrived at the ending of the best cruiser speaker audits – the time has come to choose which one you need to go for.

This will not be simple, yet you have sufficient data in this article to settle on the most ideal decision. Simply experience the information we shared here, contrast each item and others, and at last, consider whether they fit your requirements.

Subsequent to doing that you’ll have the ideal arrangement of bike speakers.


Where do I associate my bike speaker framework?
Most of them associate straightforwardly with your 12v bicycle battery. It shouldn’t require over 10 minutes or so to introduce a motorbike sound framework totally.
Can I make a call with cruiser speakers?
No, these speakers are just for tuning in to sound and radio.
For how many years does a speaker framework last?
They can go from a couple of months to a time of utilization or more. Everything relies upon the strength of the item and the sort of utilization.
Can I leave the speakers in the rain?
Yes, these speakers are totally intended to withstand even the hardest of downpours without issues.
Can I Use a 6x9 speaker?
Yes, you can utilize the best 6×9 speaker.
Will I hear the sound emerging from the speakers at speeds more than 100 mph?
While we don’t suggest going too quick on a motorcycle, it is conceivable that you can hear the speakers without issues.

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