ISOUND 1690 Twist Rechargeable Speaker – The Best Choice You’ll Make

The ISOUND 1690 Twist Bluetooth Speaker streams music wirelessly from your Bluetooth device using A2DP Bluetooth technology. The speaker has 2 drivers, each of 40 mm that generate an amazing output of 6 watts, resulting in an exceedingly superior sound.

People often ask us, “Are the ISOUND Twist Speakers worth buying?”. The answer is, Yes. They definitely are the best ISOUND Twist speakers you’ll ever make a purchase for. The style, the sound, and the performance too, everything is just worth the money you spend on these speakers.

ISOUND 1690 Twist Rechargeable Speaker

The Best Thing About 1690 Twist Speaker – It is compatible with any device, as long as it has a Bluetooth connection. You may connect your phone, tablet, laptop, MP3 players and just enjoy the music anywhere, anytime.

ISOUND 1690 – How Is It an Exceptional Speaker from Others?

Out of hundreds of different kinds of speakers, you’ll come across a few ones which are actually real speakers with a suitable bass and long durability. That’s because the quality of the speaker matters a lot. When it comes to the ISOUND 1690 Twist speaker, you’ll hear a lot about how good it is. If you’re looking for a speaker that offers an extraordinary value for its price, ISOUND 1690 is definitely for you!

ISOUND 1690 – How Is It an Exceptional Speaker from Others?

Firstly, it has a lithium-ion battery which is obviously rechargeable and it’s compatible with any Bluetooth source. Music can be played back for up to five hours on the rechargeable battery and the speaker has a 30-foot transmission range, which is a thing offered by only a few brands. In addition to all this, there is an auxiliary input 3.5mm audio jack so that other devices can easily be played through it.



  • An echo-free microphone and advanced sound geometry allow the ISOUND 1690 to deliver an immersive sound.
  • The extremely improved sound of this ISOUND Twist speaker allows you to carry it anywhere with you. No wired connections needed. All you need is a device to connect your speaker with, and you’re all set to enjoy your favorite music.
  • It is capable of picking up your Bluetooth in seconds. You can easily control the volume through your phone or any device that you’ve connected.
  • The sound quality is just amazing. You’ll see these ISOUND Twist Speakers being used in many of the gadget stores, restaurants and on picnics too.
  • It holds a great charge, usually for hours and doesn’t lose its sound quality even if turned all the way up.
  • You could fill an entire showroom floor with the sound it produces! Its loud, clear, and without feedback too. Everyone who hears it, wants one for himself!
  • These speakers are just perfect for listening to music and not missing calls at the same time. Also, those who don’t have Bluetooth in their devices, these speakers come with an optional aux. cable which works with most of the phones. So, no worries even if you don’t have Bluetooth.
  • The price is just great for the value this ISOUND Twist speaker offers. The design too looks great and a twisted look further adds grace to it.

Product Specifications

Product InfoDetails
Model NumberISOUND 1690
Weight 13.6 Ounces/0.85 Pounds
Dimensions 5” x 4” x 11.8”
Style Standard Twist Bluetooth Speaker
Battery TimingUp to 5 Hours
Available ColorsBlack only
Battery TypeLithium-ion battery (Included)
Date First Available2nd March 2012
  • Decent and very well designed
  • Light in weight and easily portable
  • Twisted designs add great value to the look
  • Has an echo-free microphone
  • Offers convenient Bluetooth connections
  • Volume can be controlled from the connected device
  • High sound quality with a perfect bass combination
  • Long battery life
  • Excels in longevity and durability
  • There’s nothing unlikeable about the ISOUND 1690 Bluetooth speaker



ISOUND 1690 Twist Bluetooth Speaker is a great option for anyone who loves to carry music everywhere along. These are the best speakers you’ll find in the market, both in terms of their design and performance, as well as the durability and the value they offer for their cost.

If you’re looking for a good quality speaker with high-quality sound and a smooth bass tone, ISOUND 1960 is definitely the best choice. Stop thinking anymore. Just go and make a purchase. You won’t regret trusting us.


How do I pair a ISOUND twist speaker?
In order to pair an ISOUND Twist Wireless Speaker, press and hold the power button which is present on the top of the speaker for three seconds. This will turn your speaker on. A sound will be made and the LED on the power button will begin flashing blue. That shows you have successfully paired your ISOUND speaker. In case you don’t have Bluetooth and you want to use the aux. cable, then sing the included audio cable, connect one end of it to the AUX IN port on the speaker. You’ll find this port on the back of the speaker.
How do you charge ISOUND speakers?
The charging process of ISO UNS speakers is the same as that of any other. All you need to do is connect the charging cable of the speaker to the USB Port of your PC and it will start to recharge.
Why isn't my Bluetooth louder anymore?
This might be due to a weak or non-existent connection between your speaker and the device. To figure out the issue, check if both the devices are on. Then look if the Bluetooth of your speaker is connected properly. If yes, then try increasing the volume of your speaker first, and then your device. At last, check if your source device is playing the music.
Why can't my iPhone find my Bluetooth speaker?
This might be due to the reason that your Bluetooth device and IOS are distant from each other. Firstly, make sure the devices are near, and then try turning your Bluetooth off and then on again. Also, make sure your speaker’s battery is well charged.
Can you hijack a Bluetooth speaker?
The answer to this is neither a definite Yes nor a No. is because it depends on the inside hardware of the speaker. In case the audio amplifying unit and Bluetooth unit are combined inside, then it would be nearly impossible to hijack the speaker. However, in other cases, it might be difficult to hijack but possible at the same time.


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