7 Best Floor-Standing speakers under $500 – (Types & Reviews in 2021)

As the music lover generation, we love to listen to our favorite music, movie, or anything on the loud volume, and for that floor standing speakers play an important role. You can also connect these speakers to your home theater system and enjoy high-quality sound.

If you want to get a good pair of floor standing speakers you can get them for thousands of dollars but with the increasing competition in this industry, the brands made some pretty good floor stand speakers that are under 500$ and the quality is the same as compared to the expensive ones.

Today we have researched a lot in the market and brought the top 7 best floor stand speakers for you, so you don’t have to go through this lengthy process of searching for the best speakers for you.

Best Pick

Polk Audio T50 150 Floor Standing Speakers

Polk Audio T50 150 Floor Standing Speakers
  • High-quality clear sound
  • 5 years warranty
  • 4.7 rating on Amazon out of 5
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Budget pick

Pioneer SP-FS52 Floor standing Wall speakers

Pioneer SP-FS52 Floor standing Wall speakers
  • Designed by the Andrew Jones award winning designer
  • Accurate bass and sound
  • 4.7 rating on Amazon out of 5
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Good pick

Sony SSCS3 3 Floor-standing speaker

Sony SSCS3 3 Floor-standing speaker
  • Mica Reinforced Cellular cone
  • Powerful tweeters for great sound
  • 4.7 rating on Amazon out of 5
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Dayton Audio T652 Floor-standing speakerDayton Audio T652 Floor-standing speaker
  • Matte black vinyl finish
  • It is very durable
  • 4.6 rating on Amazon out of 5
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Onkyo SKF-4800 Floor-standing speakerOnkyo SKF-4800 Floor-standing speaker
  • Suitable for the big living room
  • Design and build quality of the speaker is outclass
  • 4.6 rating on Amazon out of 5
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Yamaha NS-F150 Black Floor Standing SpeakerYamaha NS-F150 Black Floor Standing Speaker
  • Unique design with the stand and spikes
  • Gold-plated terminals
  • 4.5 rating on Amazon out of 5
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Rockville TM80C Floor Standing SpeakersRockville TM80C Floor Standing Speakers
  • Attractive and stylish cherry color
  • Ports for the USB and SD card
  • 4.2 rating on Amazon out of 5
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1.  Polk Audio T50 150 Floor Standing Speakers

Polk Audio T50 150 Floor Standing SpeakersIt is a very popular brand for home and car audio devices. One of the best audio companies, Polk Audio, was founded in 1972 and till now they are providing high-quality speakers to their customers. The Floor Standing Speakers of Polk have a different level of the fan base.

If you have a small or medium room then it would be a great audio speaker that will give you the outclass sound while you are watching a movie or playing the game. It has the cascade-tapered array design that means that the upper driver is responsible for the mid-range frequencies and the lower drivers are responsible for the bass.

If you have a small or medium-size room then these speakers would be very best to play a video game or watch a movie with your buddies. This floor-standing speaker doesn’t support any wireless device, so you can connect this speaker with any device from Bluetooth but you have to use the cables.

The best thing about these speakers is that the brand is giving the 5 years warranty on the speakers so, if anything happens to the speaker in five years you can return it to the brand and they’ll replace them.

  • The sound clarity and separation is very good
  • Perfect for the medium and small size room
  • They are compatible with almost all kind of home theaters
  • The price tag is reasonable
  • 5 years warranty
  • The bass of these speakers doesn’t have a good punch


2.  Pioneer SP-FS52 Floor standing Wall speakers

Pioneer SP-FS52 Floor standing Wall speakersIf you are a fan of Hip Hop or Jazz and your wife loves Rock then you don’t need to worry these floor-standing speakers are suitable for all kinds of music genres. If you are looking for the quality sound that will give life to your living room then these speakers are perfect for you. These speakers are designed by one of the most famous speaker designers Andrew Jones.

The design of the speakers is perfect and accurate for the wall-standing speakers that will fit into the curved cabinet. They have increased the height of the speakers by three inches and in those three inches, the weight increased which is now 25 pounds, and this change was done to improve the sound quality of the speakers.

If we compare this model with the previous ones then the bass and accuracy of the sound are a lot better than the most of previous models. The design of the floor-standing is very accurate in that it divides the frequency perfectly for high-quality sound delivery.

You can connect these speakers with the Bluetooth device but you will need an amplifier with Bluetooth reception. These pioneer high-quality speakers come with a one-year limited warranty in case any problem happens you can contact the company to replace them.

  • Designed by the award-winning designer
  • 8 Element Complex Crossover to deliver the high-quality sound
  • It has a very efficient Soft Dome tweeter
  • The bass is very accurate and outclass
  • One year warranty
  • You will need a subwoofer


3.  Sony SSCS3 3 Floor-standing speaker

Sony SSCS3 3 Floor-standing speakerIf you are looking for speakers to transform your living room into the musical arena then what is the better way than Sony’s Floor-standing speakers. These are the most versatile speakers in the market.

These speakers have a 3 way four bass speaker system 5-1/4 inches which are made of the foamed-mica and also have a very powerful main tweeter. Sony’s speakers are the speakers of the artist which gives you the real sound quality as you are listening to it live from the artist.

Mica-reinforced cellular woofers are the best speakers for the mid-range frequencies and high-quality bass in the speakers.

These subwoofers don’t support Bluetooth connectivity so, you have to connect it through the wires and one thing is that don’t connect these speakers with the big Sony subwoofers that have good mid-range because then you’ll receive a very terrible sound quality.

Most of the time in speakers the baffle board and the cabinet are responsible for the bad sound quality but not with this one they have Tapered faceplate edges that allow you the best sound quality in the market.

Sony has the history of best high-quality products and 100% satisfaction of their customers that’s why they are giving the one-year limited time warranty.

  • Mica Reinforced Cellular cone for the Non-distorted sound quality
  • Powerful tweeters for the great sound
  • It is featuring Tapered faceplate edges for clarity of audio.
  • Maximum output of 145 watt
  • One year warranty
  • It does not support the Bluetooth connectivity


4.  Dayton Audio T652 Floor-standing speaker

Dayton Audio T652 Floor-standing speakerIt is another one of the best quality speakers that you can bring to your home theater to watch movies or listen to your favorite music. These are the slim and smart floor-standing speakers that would easily fit in the small living areas.

It features one of the best bass-reflex tower cabinets with a 45 Hz bass foundation that will be the perfect match for any kind of video to your videos. It has 6-½ inches speakers and ⅝ inches dome tweeter that can fill your large living rooms with great clear and non-distorted sound.

The speaker has rubber feet that make it very easy to move and does not need any mark on the floor. The speaker has a very stylish black vinyl finish with removable grills adds an extra point to this speaker as compared to the other competitors in the market.

It is one of the reasonable price speakers on our list. They have a very great sound and bass with great build quality, so they will be your partner for a long time. The brand is also offering a guarantee of five years that means if there is any problem with the speakers for five years you can get a replacement from the brand.

  • The price tag is very reasonable
  • The matte black vinyl finish gives it a very trendy and attractive look
  • It is made with the high-quality durable material
  • It has a very clear distortion-free sound
  • Five years warranty
  • They are not good at loud music


5.  Onkyo SKF-4800 Floor-standing speaker

Onkyo SKF-4800 Floor-standing speakerWant to take your music to another level? Then this is the speaker for you. This speaker goes perfectly with all your constructions and audio devices by giving you high-quality sound without any distortion.

The weight of the speakers is 25 pounds with the two speakers of 16cm and 2.5 cm of dome tweeters. The dimensions of the floor-standing speakers are 12”x 11” x 40” so, look before buying that they will fit in your space.

The look of the speakers is very elegant and outstanding. It gives your home theater the high energy and power that will ultimately transfer in you by your music. But take a second to appreciate the person who crafted such a precious design of these speakers.

In audio, the Onkyo has done pretty much everything into it which makes the high and mids are pretty awesome and it also has a very deep bass which is a perfect blend for a soft music lover. If we have to describe the sound of these speakers in two words we’ll say crispy and extra bassy.

Wired speakers that offer Bluetooth connectivity but only when it is connected to a Bluetooth capable receiver otherwise there is no Bluetooth connectivity. The brand is offering a one-year warranty, so you can buy it without any worry.

  • Crispy and bassy sound
  • Design and build quality is outclass
  • Good size for the big living room
  • The equalizer is very fast and responsive
  • One year warranty
  • You’ll need a subwoofer


6.  Yamaha NS-F150 Black Floor Standing Speaker

Yamaha NS-F150 Black Floor Standing SpeakerWe most people know Yamaha for the stylish and outclass bikes but Yamaha is also very famous for its trendy and outclass floor standing speakers, it will be your perfect partner for movies and other entertainment activities.

The size of the speakers is bigger than the normal speakers so they’ll fit in the large spaces. The dimensions of the speaker are 4x7x40 inches. When you are buying the speakers measure the dimensions of your space and speakers and buy with fits in your space.

It has a total of three speakers, 2 six inches speakers, and another 1-inch soft dome tweeter. There are gold-plated screws that allow smooth signals transfer for great high-quality sound. It will give you HD sound quality for the movies and music.

The Yamaha NS-F150 floor standing speakers are very good and stylish in the design and not only this but they are also giving you a clear sound quality without any distortion. The speakers are made by a company that also manufactures durable bikes, so how can you think that their speakers would not be durable.

The speaker comes with a stand that you can mount with the speaker and it will stand firm in your living room which makes it very unique from its competitors. The manufacturers are also offering a warranty of one year for their speakers.

  • The design of the speaker is very unique with the stand and spikes
  • It has gold-plated terminals for transferring signals smoothly
  • It provides you the HD sound quality
  • One year warranty
  • Not Loud


7.  Rockville TM80C Floor Standing Speakers

Rockville TM80C Floor Standing SpeakersRockville is one of the popular companies that are making the best quality audio devices for their customers. This is one of the latest generations of speakers that have all the latest features making it easier for their customers to watch movies or listen to music.

The look of the Rockville TM80c is very attractive and elegant. The color of these speakers is cherry that is another good thing about the speakers. The size of the speakers is bigger than the other but that size justifies the louder sound of the speakers.

It features 4 full-range drivers and two silk dome tweeters that are offering great quality sound and perfect deep bass. You can connect the USB with it and also have the ports for the SD cards. Four ports of ¼ inches for the MIC. These ports make it stand out from all the other speakers on the list.

We should appreciate the engineers of the Rockville speakers because their high-frequency levels and mids are outstanding. If you want to connect it with your TV then the RCA output has made it simple for you. You can also listen to music through Bluetooth with it and manufacturers are offering a one-year warranty with it.

  • Very attractive and stylish cherry color floor-standing speaker
  • You can connect Bluetooth with it
  • It has adjustable bass and treble in it
  • Ports for the USB connection and SD cards
  • One year warranty
  • Bluetooth has an only 150-foot range


Types of Floor-Standing speakers

There are four types of Floor-standing speakers that you can buy from the market at your budget price. These are the four types of floor-standing speakers.

  • 2-way system
  • 3-way system
  • Passive
  • Powered

If you don’t know about these types then don’t worry. We will explain every type to you so you can buy the best for yourself.

1. 2-way Speakers

In the 2-way system, there are two ways for the different drivers in the speakers which are responsible for the high and mid-range level frequencies. The woofers are the ones that are responsible for the lows and tweeters are the ones responsible for high frequencies. If you got the right 2-way system then you can beat the audio quality of a 3-way speakers system.

2. 3-way speakers

As the 2-way speakers have 2 drivers these 3- way speakers have three drives to control the mids and highs frequency. They bring the accurate frequency of all songs you play in it and are known for more clear and acoustic frequencies.

3. Passive speakers

Passive speakers are those which do not contain the built-in amplifier and you have to attach the speakers with the amplifier or any other receivers. Most of the home theater speakers are passive; they don’t have a built-in amplifier.

4. Powered

The speakers which have built-in speakers are considered to be powered speakers. They don’t need the receiver to connect with and you can use them straight after the un-boxing. They are the most commonly used speakers.

How to place the Floor- Standing speakers?

If you are planning to place the floor-standing speakers into any corner of your room then don’t do it because that will ruin the bass of the speakers. Place your speakers on the side of the TV but not everyone can do it. Only if you have a big living room can you put the speakers on the side.

The best way to place the floor-standing speakers is to try to put them in different places in your room and then listen to the sound. You’ll get the best place for them where the sound will be great. If your living room has empty walls and glass tables then it might not be a suitable place for your speakers.

The distance of the speakers from the walls of the room must be more than 6 inches if you want to get a good sound with bass. Many speakers have rubber feet that make them very easy to move and also very great for vibration-free sound.

You should always go through the dimensions of the floor-standing speakers before buying and select the size of the speakers which will suit your living room or place where you want to fix these speakers. The last thing doesn’t put anything in front of the speakers because that will ruin the sound.

Floor-Standing speakers vs. Bookshelf speakers

Many people consider bookshelf speakers and Floor-standing speakers the same and they think that the difference is in just name but that is not the case. There is much difference between these two speakers from which some we’ll discuss here

Floor-Standing speakersBookshelf speakers
The floor-standing speakers are tall and thinThe bookshelf speakers are small and fat
In-home theaters use the floor-stand speakers will deliver the more robust and wider soundBut the bookshelf speakers cannot provide that kind of sound.
They are heavy and their size can be hugeThe weight of the bookshelf speakers is light and their size is also not big
They are generally using the 3-way system for the great sound qualityGenerally, they put a 2-way system but in some rare cases, you might find the 3-way system.
Floor standing speakers can be very loudBut the Bookshelf speakers can provide a decent amount of loud sound
Floor standing speakers are suitable for the large living roomsThe bookshelf speakers are suitable for the small living rooms and congested areas.

Buying Guide

These are the best options for floor-standing speakers that you can buy under the budget of 500$ but there are some things that we should consider before buying the floor-standing speakers to get the best speakers.

Size of Floor-standing speaker

The first thing that comes into consideration is the size of the speakers. Size is important because it determines that it is suitable for your living room space or you need to get the shorter one. If you buy the huge one and that doesn’t fit in your available space then it would be a waste of time and money.


When you are buying speakers that are under the price tag of the budget then in these speakers many brands compromise on the quality. But you have to select the ones which are made of high-quality material and have the warranty that it will work for you for more than five years.

The speakers that we have included in our list are made with high-quality material and will last for a long time and provide you with high-quality sound in movies and your favorite songs.


Drivers are the ones that drive the sound waves into your ears from the speakers. They are responsible for converting the electronic songs into the real songs which you listen to daily. According to the experts, if you want to buy the speakers then never compromise on the speakers that have less than three drivers.

Because the rules here are simple that you should go for the ones which have more drives because that means good quality sound. There are two drivers in the speaker tweeters and woofers. Tweeters are responsible for the high frequencies and the woofers are for the bass.

Wattage of Speakers

Wattage is the power that a speaker can handle to deliver the sound. There are two ranges of powers which are called peak and continuous. The continuous is the power that is needed for the average volume sound but the peak is considered when the speaker is played on an extraordinary level.

If you are considering the speakers that have watt power between 30watts and 200watts then it would be considered as the average speaker but if the power of speakers is between 50 and 200 then it would be considered the best option for the listeners. That means you should select the speaker that has a continuous power of 50 watts and a peak power of 200 watts.

Sensitivity of the Speakers

It is another one of the most important things that you should look at before buying the speakers and if we use the other word for the sensitivity is the loudness of the speakers. You have to select how loud you want your speakers on some specific level of power.

The way to analyze the loudness is to give the speaker power and then measure in the decibels how much loud the speaker can provide sound. If you are looking for speakers for your small living room then the 90 dB would be best but if your space is big then you should go for 100 or 110 it would be the best option for you.

Frequencies of speakers

There are normally two levels of frequencies in the sound high frequencies and low frequency. High frequencies are the loudness of the sound while the low frequencies are the bass of the speaker. These frequencies can be measured in Hz. A human can listen up to the 17000 Hz frequency.

The tweeters are the drivers that are responsible for the high frequency in the speaker while the woofers are the ones that are responsible for the bass of the speakers. When you are going to select the floor-stand speakers for yourself you should consider the mids and lows both and select the one that has a suitable amount of both frequencies.


The design of the floor-stand speakers is very important because the speakers have to be fixed in your living room, so you should go for the design that will go with your interior. There are many different shapes and colors of speakers available in the market but the most common color is black because it goes with all kinds of interiors.


We have reviewed the seven best floor standing speakers in the market that are under 500$ and then told you about the things you should consider before buying the speakers for yourself. If you read the above article and reached here then you are able to buy the best one for yourself.

But when we have reviewed the best floor-standing speakers then it is our duty that we should tell you which one is the best among these seven. So, the best one among these floor-standing speakers is the Polk Audio T50 150 Floor Standing Speakers. 

The sound quality of these speakers is also very good. You can watch movies with non-distorted audio. The brand is also very reputed and has experience of more than 45 years. And you can buy it worry-free because they are offering the five years replacement warranty of five years.


Why are Klipsch speakers so expensive?
The reason the Klipsch speakers are so expensive is that they are high-end speakers and their quality of sound, bass, is very outclass and unmatched when you are matching it with the other models in the market. The people will only pay the extra amount when they are getting something very good in return otherwise they won’t pay.
Is Klipsch high end?
Klipsch speakers are considered to be high-end speakers. That is why they are so expensive than the other speakers in the market. Their performance and sound are unmatched in the speakers market. But they also have some normal level speakers which they sell as their budget options.
Which sound system is better than Bose?
Bose is one of the eBay sound systems that are manufacturing budget speakers with high-quality sound but if you are looking for a better option than the bose then Klipsch has some better options. No doubt they are expensive but the quality of the sound is also way better. If budget is not your concern then Klipsch is the way to go.
Do floor standing speakers need a subwoofer?
No, the subwoofer is not necessary for the floor-standing speakers but it is a very good addition to your speakers. The woofers are responsible for the bass of the audio so, if you want to experience the deep bass in your floor-standing speakers and not satisfied with the built-in speakers then you should get a subwoofer.


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