How to convert wired speakers to wireless – [Guide In 2021]

If you planned to buy a wireless speaker but didn’t get a speaker this year, you don’t have to worry about it. There’s a very cheap alternative for you. Most of us have wired speakers or outdated speakers at our home that are useless for us. You may be surprised to know that you can convert your wired speakers to wireless speakers and convert them back to life.

You can convert your wired speakers to wireless, but most of you don’t know how to do it. Converting a wired speaker to wireless is a necessity these days because you are living in 2021, not in 2003. As technology is advancing day by day, there’s a need to update your speakers as well.

Wireless speakers are a necessity for today’s world as you can take them anywhere you want, and also, most audio devices are wireless nowadays. There are many ways to convert wired speakers to wireless. You can make regular speakers to wireless speakers by sending the audio signals via Radio Frequency. You may also need to connect a separate amplifier to the speaker to supply power, as most of these speakers don’t supply power to the speaker.

Read on to find out why one Should not Abandon his/her old wired speaker.

Why You Shouldn’t Abandon Your Old Wired Speakers.

Why You Shouldn’t Abandon Your Old Wired Speakers.

Don’t replace or abandon your old wired speakers; try to convert them wirelessly. We do not recommend to replace or abandon old surrounded wireless speakers because of the following reasons:

Additional costs: When you can convert your old wired speaker to wireless, then in my option, there’s no need to buy a new wireless speaker. Replacing the old wired speakers is costly. Even if you buy a cheaper Bluetooth speaker, the cost of that speaker can be a bit more in the long term. Moreover, it is likely that it will need to be replaced more frequently, meaning that even low-cost purchases can turn into a major investment after some years.

Extra effort: Converting old wired speakers to wired is affordable as well as accessible. By doing so, you will save a lot of your effort and time. You can convert your speaker from the comfort of your home without going here and there. This will save your time as well as effort.

How to convert any old wired speaker to a wireless speaker?

We suggest you not throw or abandon your old wires speakers. Here’s a simple guide that you can follow to turn your old wired speaker into a wireless speaker.

How to convert any old wired speaker to a wireless speaker

Convert speaker with a Wireless Speaker Kit

There are many Wireless Speaker Kits available in the market. However, the best kit and way to convert a wired speaker to a wireless speaker is with a Bluetooth adapter. Follow the following steps to convert wired speakers to wireless.

Step 1. Purchase a Bluetooth adapter.

In the first step, buy a Bluetooth adapter. You can buy a Bluetooth adaptor online, so there’s no need to go to the store. Costs for these wireless adapters range from inexpensive to expensive versions.

Keep in mind that most wireless speaker conversion kits are not wireless; they come with wires. This is because the wired speakers don’t have real amplifiers, and Bluetooth signals cannot pass through if the speaker doesn’t have an amplifier. Therefore, you have to add an amplifier to the wired speaker if you want to convert wired speakers to wireless.

Step 2. Connect an Amplifier.

As we mentioned earlier, almost all the old wired speakers do not have amplifiers in them. The amplifier is essential because wireless signals alone cannot provide the customization needed to produce sound from your speakers.

Therefore, if you have got an amplifier, here are two simple steps to follow:

  • First, plug the amplifier into a power source.
  • Connect the amplifier to your wired speaker with the help of an RCA cable or other wires.

Keep in mind that these kits can only connect two speakers (right and left for stereo). Moreover, both speakers must also be connected so that both speakers can work later perfectly.

Step 3. Connect the Transmitter.

Most Wireless Speaker kits come with three main audio parts: two receivers and a transmitter, AC adapters, and wires for each adapter. Connect the transmitter to your sound system amplifier using the cables included in the wireless speaker kit.

After that, connect the included cable to the back of the ‘Out or Stereo Out’ connection of your sound system. Next, connect the other end to the transmitter. Lastly, plug the AC adapter into the power source and the other end into the transmitter. Finally, unplug the speaker wires that you want to make the speaker wireless.

Step 4. Connect the two receivers.

In step 4, unplug the speaker’s existing wires from one of the audio devices. Next, use one of the receiver cables that are included in the kit to connect the speaker and receiver. After that, connect the AC adapter cables by plugging one wire into the receiver’s back and the other wire into a power source. After plugging wires, you will notice that the power light on the receiver flashes and blinks.

Repeat the procedure mentioned above for the other speaker as well. After connecting the second speaker, use the rest of the cable to connect the two receivers.

Step 5. Turn on your wired speaker system.

In the last step, check the signal lights on the receiver. The signal light should be steady and should not flicker. If the signals are steady, this means that the speakers are receiving wireless signals. Lastly, listen to the speaker carefully, whether the speaker is producing sounds or not.

If the speaker is making or producing sound, just enable Bluetooth. After enabling Bluetooth, you can connect your laptop, pc, smartphone, and even television and send music wirelessly to your wired speakers. After connecting, simply enjoy music, movies, podcasts, and other audio.

You can now enjoy wireless music listening without the purchase of a new wireless speaker. Just follow the steps mentioned above to make your speaker wireless. We hope the steps mentioned above help you to convert your old wired speaker to a wireless speaker.

Tips for converting old speakers into wireless.

In fact, the easiest way of converting wired speakers to wireless speakers is with a Bluetooth adapter. However, there are still some issues that people may face when they try to convert the old speakers into wireless streaming without Bluetooth Audio Adapter. To overcome issues, follow the following steps:

  • Converting a wired speaker to wireless without a Bluetooth adapter is a bit of a tough task. Therefore, converting old wired speakers to wireless just by using a Bluetooth adapter device is recommended.
  • Make sure to buy the right Bluetooth adapter that helps your mobile and speaker connect in the smoothest way possible.
  • A Bluetooth adapter is very helpful for converting because it helps to convert analog signals into digital signals. These signals are critical. This is why we recommend you convert your old speakers to wireless-only by a Bluetooth adapter.

Benefits of Converting Speakers Using a Bluetooth Adapter

There are many benefits of converting wired speakers to wireless speakers using a Bluetooth Adapter. However, some common benefits are:

  • You don’t have to download any extra apps or software to make your speakers work as Bluetooth-enabled. Instead, simply plug in the right adapter, connect Bluetooth to your home and enjoy music.
  • Bluetooth audio adapters are affordable. Normally, the price of a Bluetooth adapter is between $15 to $25. However, the prices may vary depending on connection range, quality, and so on. Buying an adapter is a lot cheaper than buying a new Bluetooth-enabled speaker.
  • You will save your money as well as effort and time.
  • The Bluetooth adapter is quite easy to operate. Connecting a mobile with a Bluetooth adapter is just like connecting mobile to a headphone. Everyone can quite comfortably use it, and it will not take more than 1 minute to connect.

The benefits of converting Old Wired Speakers to Wireless

The benefits of converting Old Wired Speakers to Wireless

There are many benefits of converting old wired speakers to wireless. However, in this section, we’ll discuss some of the benefits:

  • You can play music from a mobile on your old speakers by connecting it via Bluetooth. This means you do not have to purchase a CD, wires, or other accessories. Instead, simply connect the mobile to the speaker and enjoy music. Additionally, you can also connect the speaker to any other Bluetooth device, such as a PC or laptop.
  • You can use your old speakers with Chromecast for Echo and Audio devices.
  • You can upgrade your television experience without having to buy a new speaker. This means you can upgrade without spending extra cash on buying new speakers.
  • Some people don’t like wires around them. With wireless speakers, you don’t see wires around you. Moreover, the place around the speaker also looks clean. Lastly, wireless speakers look more beautiful and modern than wired speakers.

Pros and Cons Wired Speakers

  • Wired Speakers have the high quality and most dependable sound.
  • Wired speakers are rarely affected by the intervention.
  • You don’t need batteries, etc., like wireless speakers.
  • Wired speakers are never affected by Wi-Fi outages.
  • Wired speakers are less expensive than wireless speakers.
  • The wires around the speaker do not look beautiful and that attractive.
  • The speaker is bound to stay in one place due to the wires.


Pros and Cons Wireless Speakers

  • You can operate wireless speakers without connecting wires to the central unit.
  • You can easily move the wireless speakers around the house to the place of your choice with no worries about cables, wires, and cords. In addition, wireless speakers are much more convenient than wired speakers.
  • With a wireless speaker, you don’t have to worry about wires being tripped (or eaten).
  • You can connect the wireless speaker to your mobile, laptop, etc.
  • The sound quality of a wireless speaker is not that good as wired speakers, especially if the wireless speaker is cheap.
  • Wireless speakers may suffer from some interference like Wi-F signals, etc.
  • Wireless speakers are more costly than wired speakers.
  • Some wireless speakers need a cord to work, such as some requiring AC power for power

Lastly, it is all about preference and the budget which you have for the speakers.



To conclude here, spending money on buying new things rather than upgrading things is not always a good decision. However, sometimes you can convert your outdated thing to an updated list just with a small amount of money and a little effort.

Similarly, converting an old wired speaker to a wireless speaker is far better than buying a new one. So don’t throw away your old wired speaker; convert it to a wireless speaker. By doing so, you will also save time and effort. There are many ways that you can use to convert your wired speakers to wireless.

In turning a wired speaker into a wireless speaker, the most useful and easiest way is to convert it with a Bluetooth adapter. There are a variety of adapters available in the market. Buy one that is best in quality and suits your budget. Moreover, the conversion procedure is mentioned above in the article.

Lastly, we do not give 100% surety that there’ll be no wires. So, you will still need to worry about adapters and power cables


Can you convert old speakers to wireless?
Yes, you can convert your old speakers to wireless. If you have old speakers, don’t throw them away. Simply convert them to the wireless speaker. Converting old wired speakers to wireless is a good idea. By doing so, you will save your money as well as time and effort.
How do wireless speakers get power?
The wireless speakers get power from AC adapters. The AC adapters plug into the power strip or an ordinary power outlet. Moreover, some wireless speakers use rechargeable batteries to become ‘fully wireless.’ However, this feature requires charging.
How do I hook up old speakers to my TV?
You can connect your old speaker to the TV. For connecting, use RCA and 3.5mm analog cables. If your TV does not have an RCA connector for audio output, it may have a headphone out port. Moreover, you can also use an HDMI cable to connect the TV with speakers. Connect an HDMI cable to the ports that support ARC. After connecting the set speaker to the audio system.
Are wired speakers better than wireless?
Wired speakers offer the best and higher quality sound than wireless speakers. Wireless speakers are more affected by interference than wired speakers. Also, wired speakers are less expensive than wireless. Lastly, it is all about preference.
Are WiFi or Bluetooth speakers better?
Yes, WIFI speakers are better than Bluetooth speakers in most cases. Wi-Fi speakers have better sound quality than Bluetooth speakers. On the other hand, Bluetooth speakers do not require an outlet; they pair directly with a device like a phone or a laptop. However, the batteries of the Bluetooth speakers tend to be charged.


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