How to Connect iPod to Car Stereo Without Using AUX?

If you’re one of those people thinking Can I play my iPod in my car?”, then here’s the answer. Yes, you definitely can play iPod on Car. With the iPod generation taking over, playing your car audio with CDs is becoming obsolete. Playing iPod in the car without AUX is no difficult thing at all.

Initially, it was thought that AUX is the only connection you can use for connecting your iPod to the car stereo. But this is not true. There are so many other ways that you can easily connect your iPod to your car’s music system and enjoy listening for as long as you like.

Can I play my iPod in my car

One thing to notice is that every car is different with a different built-in system of music. But the common ways apply to almost all cars. Today, when technology has gone way too far, there are vehicles that come with specifically built-in connections but obviously, only a few people own them. Hence, we’re going to help you with some most common ways that you can easily apply to connect your iPod to the Car Stereo.

What to do if you don’t have an AUX port in your car?

One thing that people are often confused about is what should you do if there is no AUX Port in your car? Well, here’s the answer. In cars and radios without auxiliary inputs, an FM transmitter would be the best alternative.

FM transmitters of today are similar to Bluetooth receivers, except they broadcast the audio over an open FM frequency instead of using an auxiliary cable to connect to a stereo.

How do I install an aux cord in my car?

For installing an AUX cord, your car stereo or dashboard should have an Aux input socket. Your smartphone’s headphone socket can be accessed by plugging in one end of the audio cable. While the other end of the cable should be plugged into the vehicle stereo’s Aux-in port. Then, select the AUX input on your car stereo.

Ways to Play iPod in Car Without AUX – 6 Simple Ways

Connecting your iPod with your car stereo is a great idea. That’s because you may play the songs you like and let others also listen to your music playlist while having control of the iPod in your hands.

Now, you must be thinking: “How to connect iPod to car stereo without AUX?” Don’t worry. If you don’t have an AUX cable with you, that’s no big deal. There are other different ways in order to facilitate you with your music playlist through your iPod.

Here are some ways to connect iPod to Car Stereo without AUX.

  1. By using the Car Cassette Adapter
  2. Through an FM Modulator
  3. Through an FM Transmitter
  4. By using your iPod’s CarPlay
  5. Through Bluetooth connection
  6. Connect Via USB Playback

Way 1. Using the Car Cassette Adapter

The car cassette adapter is the most common and the cheapest option you’ll find for connecting your iPod to the car’s stereo. Designed originally for CD players, these adapters also work with iPods and other MP3 players equipped with 3.5mm audio jacks.

Additionally, these adapters can be easily used in a car. There is no installation required since you simply plug the tape into your iPod’s audio jack and stick it in your tape deck.

Using the Car Cassette Adapter

How Does It Work –  The adaptor basically makes your tape deck think that it is reading a tape, so the audio signal is transmitted directly to the deck’s tape heads from the adapter. That offers the decent sound quality, especially considering the price. Here is how you can use a car cassette adapter.

  • Plug the jack into the iPod’s headphone jack.
  • Place the cassette in the stereo’s cassette deck.
  • Play music on the iPod while pressing the “Tape” or “Play” buttons on the stereo

One important thing here to notice is that adapters for cassette players aren’t as common in new head units as tape players, so cassette adapters aren’t an option for everyone.

Way 2. Through an FM Modulator

You can only use FM modulators if you want to disassemble your head unit and connect some wires. The gadgets work much like FM transmitters, but they do not transmit wirelessly. Rather than connecting a head unit to an antenna, you normally connect an FM modulator. Thus, the audio quality is typically better than what is achieved with an FM transmitter and the likelihood of interference is reduced.

Additionally, the installation is more user-friendly. Since the modulator can be mounted under or behind the dashboard, and even tucked away out of sight, it can be mounted anywhere.

Through an FM Modulator

How Does It Work – To connect your iPod to the car stereo through the FM Modulator, here is what you need to do:

  • If you are using a USB cable, connect it to the USB port of the stereo, or the cigarette lighter adaptor of the car (depending on the model).
  • To connect the iPod, connect a 3.5mm cable.
  • It is essential that both the modulation and stereo are set at the same frequency, such as 89MHz.
  • Once the iPod is connected to the stereo, it will begin transmitting through the FM and you can now play the music.

Way 3. Through an FM Transmitter

You can use FM Transmitters pretty easily. It is like a miniature radio station in that your FM radio is designed to pick up the same frequency range that the transmitter broadcasts. There is an almost 100% chance that any vehicle with a head unit that was manufactured in the last 20 years will be able to hear MP3 players via an FM transmitter.

Through an FM Transmitter

How Does It Work – The working of an FB Transmitter is much similar to that of an FB Modulator. Here is how you can connect your iPod to a car stereo through FM Transmitter.

  • The FM transmitter needs to be paired with your iPod either via Bluetooth or with the earbud jack in order to work.
  • Select an open FM frequency and tune it to that.
  • After that, you can tune your radio to the same frequency, and your iPod music will appear on the head unit.

The important thing to notice is that if your car (or truck) has a head unit with an AM audio-only tuner and no tape deck, we really would recommend upgrading.

Way 4. Using Your iPod’s CarPlay

Using your iPod in your car is a smarter and safer experience with CarPlay, which is available on selected cars, probably the ones with advanced technologies and additional features. You can also use CarPlay to see your iPhone activities on your car’s display while you are driving.

Using Your iPod’s CarPlay

How Does It Work – CarPlay can be set up by pressing and holding the voice command button on the steering wheel if your vehicle supports it. Put your car in Bluetooth pairing mode or make sure that it is wirelessly connected. Then:

  • From your iPod, go to “Settings”.
  • Choose “General” from the settings and look for the option of “CarPlay” there.
  • Once you find it, tap on it and then go to “Available Cars”. Look for your vehicle and tap it.

An Important Thing here is to ensure that both your country and your car support CarPlay. Put your iPod into the USB port of your stereo or car if CarPlay is supported by your car. A CarPlay or smartphone icon might be displayed on the USB port.

Way 5. Connecting Via Bluetooth

Bluetooth functionality is available in more and more car stereos, so you might be able to get the best results. With a Bluetooth-enabled device, you can connect your iPod to your car’s speakers to listen to music or make calls.

Connecting Via Bluetooth

How Does It Work – There’s nothing different in connecting your iPod to the car’s stereo using Bluetooth. It’s just the same as you do in the case of any other Android phone. All you have to do is make sure your iPod’s Bluetooth connectivity is turned on in order to play the music.

An Important Thing to consider is that in case that your radio is not Bluetooth-compatible, you can also purchase Bluetooth receivers that you can plug into the auxiliary jack of your car to provide Bluetooth functionality.

Way 6. Connecting Via USB Playback

Using a USB cable is the simplest and most effective method of listening to music on your iPod indoors or in your car. The newer stereos may have USB ports, in which case you can connect your iPhone to your stereo using a regular dock cable. Mostly, this method also allows you to display your device’s info on your car’s radio display.

Connecting Via USB Playback

How Does It Work – With the Pioneer CD-IU51V adapter, you can connect both a mini-plug and a USB connector using an iPod dock cable. In case you choose some other, they would require you to install wires manually. You won’t require any radio waves to accomplish this, so interference won’t be an issue. Your iPhone can also be charged while it is in use with a cable.

So, these were a few simple ways that you may consider if you intend to connect your iPod to car stereo without an AUX.


In a world full of better options, you don’t have to worry about how to listen to music through iPod without an AUX. Because there are other great options you can choose from. We hope that this article would have been helpful for you!

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