Best Sound Proofing Material for Muffling Noise – 2021

If you are in the habit to hear loud music, or you are a professional music producer or you can be a night worker and day sleeper, or working from home as we all nowadays, you might be annoyed by the surrounding noises to a certain extent. You always have thought to add something in Your life that provides you with some peace and quiet.


Something that nullifies these extra noises. The annoying neighbor always bickering about something and loud construction work noise that just ruins your sleep. Whichever is the issue the solution is just one. You have to incorporate noise-canceling material into your recording studios so that you can get crystal clear sound and no outside noise or your bedroom where you sleep sound not caring about all the surrounding noise your neighbors make or construction machines’ loud sound.

Things to Notice

You should consider the following things before choosing the soundproofing material

Type of Soundproofing material

In order to ensure 100% sound cancellation, you have to pick the right type of material that is your particular requirement.  There are different types of sound-canceling materials that are for different purposes.  You have to choose one that serves your purpose.

Quality of soundproofing material

Secondly, you have to choose the best quality for the job. As if sound waves can travel through the loopholes that are left by low-quality material.  It won’t serve the purpose that you want a noise-free space to carry our the activity you want. It still is noisy and that is just completely annoying.

Following are the list of 10 products that we are assuring you about that covers the issue of noise and you are going to get the best quality as well

1. Utopia Bedding 2 Panel blackout thermal curtains

Utopia bedding 2 panel blackout thermal curtains

Most of the noise that comes inside the room is from doors and windows so in order to soundproof your room or home theatre or nursery you can easily put on these utopia bedding 2-panel blackout thermal curtains.


A typical acoustic curtain uses good quality Polyester fabric that is being filled with soundproofing material like mass-loaded vinyl that helps to dampen sound as well as reduce the echo. Usually, such curtains are made on order.  It is extremely important to buy the curtains that have quality material used in it

Set of 2 panels measure 52” in width and 84” in length and both have loops that make them easy to install. For most acoustic curtains the main purpose of the curtain is to keep the inside voice clear instead of canceling the outside one. So they are custom-made for the home theaters that you can clearly enjoy your entertainment package without being loud to the people outside.

These utopia panels of curtains are also with thermal properties they efficiently block 99% of the light and heat coming inside the room and 60% of the noise-canceling insurance. They are pretty easy to carry around and use and get cleaned as well

  • Easy to use
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Thermal and soundproofing properties
  • Thick triple weaved polyester fabric
  • Lots of colour options
  • Sound proofing has margin to improve


2. Sure-Max 4 moving and packing blankets

Sure Max 4 moving and packing blankets

If you are on a tight budget and you want some medium soundproofing material that’s inside your lowest budget than sure Max 4 blankets can do the job for you You can easily hang them over your doors and windows to get some soundproofing advantages.


It is an 80”× 72” oversized extremely thick blanket with extra cushioning that helps in soundproofing. It is enclosed with pure cotton and polyester binding with a zig-zag stitch to ensure quality.

These blanks can be used on anything that’s creating noise or Want to tone down the sound from anything that’s annoyingly noisy. You can put it on your doors and it will block a lot of sounds that otherwise will come into your room as well as windows.

They are a highly budgeted product that one can use if you don’t have a huge budget to spend on this

  • Budget friendly
  • Thick pure cotton material with polyester lining
  • Easy to use
  • Cancel sound and minimize noise
  • Quality can be improved
  • Not 100% sound proofing


3. ATS Acoustic panel

ATS Acoustic panel

If you want to have a noise proofing system inside your auditorium or bedroom and you don’t want those thick foaming material than you can get to check other options and the ATS Acoustic panel is one of the foremost choices.

These are commercially manufactured panels that you can purchase ready-made according to the aesthetics of the surroundings you want to put them in.


These panels are made of wood and added soundproofing material inside them will absorb Acoustic sounds. The dimensions of these panels are 24×48×2 inches. You can buy them in different colors and they have great texture and design available to choose from

They work by absorbing the unwanted sound and all you can hear inside your auditorium or bedroom is clear sound of that is going to be enjoyable.  It’s great when these panels are not boring or blank that won’t support the style statement of your surroundings. They cancel out echo perfectly that leads to crystal clear sound effects

If you have multiple panels then you can make your own panels by buying mineral wool that’s going to be cost-saving but if you don’t have the time for such input  these panels are a great choice

  • They are Great for getting rid of echo
  • They Absorb Acoustically perfectly
  • Their quality is great
  • They look quite attractive
  • They are easy to use
  • They will not be 100% sound proud


4. Sponge Neoprene Striping W/Adhesive

Sponge Neoprene Striping W Adhesive

Windows are big transporters of noise through unsealed and uninsulated spaces. It is necessary if you want your room to be completely soundproof you have to take care of such loopholes. These sponge Neoprene strips are the answer. These are very lightweight and easy to use adhesive tape that can be put on any corner or space left unprotected on your window


It is a Neoprene material sponge tape Chris ½ inch wide, 3/8 inch thick, and 25 feet long. It’s just like tape and you can easily patch any unwanted holes inside. You just have to take off the back and it is ready to use. This sponge has other properties as well like absorb smell, dust, and oil. It doesn’t corrode.

Its weather stripping and sober sealing capabilities are worth mentioning.  It gets on to metal, plastic, wood, and other smooth surfaces easily. It’s bodily used for sound insulation in home fixtures.  It can easily bear the highest and lowest temperature without it breaking  down

It is a very inexpensive product and works great. If you need to patch up the broken points that can transmit the outside noise into the room you can easily patch it up

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to stick on
  • Soundproof window gaps
  • It doesn’t skid
  • Forms a weather seal
  • Must be installed precisely for best results
  • Less material than necessary gets delivered at once .


5. Rickwool Acoustic Mineral Wool Insulation

Rickwool Acoustic Mineral Wool Insulation

This Rickwool Acoustic mineral wool insulation are in the shape of rigid blocks that are fire-resistant and are used for both thermal and Acoustic insulation.


They are in the shape of blocks. 6  blocks in each pack. There size is 24×48×2 inches. Rock wool are ideal and best suited for Acoustic insulation and is preferred in homes and buildings. It is very easy to use and can be cut into any shape that’s required for soundproofing. You get LEED points to install as it is a natural mineral and not hazardous at all.

This mineral wool is moisture and fire-resistant for upto2150 degrees Fahrenheit. You get to make your personal acoustic panel and bass traps just by adding rock wool board into the frame that you have built by yourself and than cover it with the fabric of your choice.

This is a very cost-effective product and it has a very high NRC rating that makes it great in quality. It is a hydrophobic material that has a class A fire rating.

  • Cost effective
  • Great quality mineral material
  • Can make your own Acoustic panel
  • Great at noise proofing
  • Application need to be pristine


6. Owens Corning 703 Fiberglass Board

Owens Corning 703 Fiberglass Board

These are commonly used in making the Acoustics panels for home studios,  theatres, churches,  commercial buildings, and so on. These panels help to absorb any outside noise that can disturb and be a hindrance in the inside proceedings.


These Owen’s Corning is soundproof fiberglass is 24×48×2 inches in size. These are lightweight materials so working with them is a pretty easy job. There quality is great and is easy to handle and can be crafted any way that is needed.

It is great at keeping its shape and structure intact with a high resilience level and maintain its integrity even in worst conditions. It is difficult to break down. Fiberglass insulates all types of noises making it a great material for soundproofing.  It repels the noise from outside and doesn’t let it transfer it giving you quiet and peace of mind and you can watch your favorites movie or listen to your church father speak with no disruption anyway.

It also reduces heat transfer and that helps in keeping the inside temperature to a limit even in very hot conditions. It is multiple working with the least cost is just a dream come true.  And its efficiency makes us adopt these Owen’s corning fiberglass board with no second thoughts.

  • Cost effective
  • Efficient performance for insulating sound
  • Heat resistant
  • Light weight and easy to use .
  • Proper application


7. Dynamat10455 Self Adhesive Sound Deadener

Dynamat10455 Self Adhesive Sound Deadener

These are great anti-vibration floor mats and are best for the appliance that are making heavy noise and vibration as we.  They are adhering at the back So its use is perfect for cars and machinery to cancel the extreme noise and vibration they create


Dynamatis 18”×32”×0.067 in size and are used to noise-proof the cars primarily and reduces the road noise. Its great property is that it kills the vibration and rattles so it feels extra safe while driving on the road. As it cancels the noise and vibration when placed under the stereo system it gets out the genuine clear sound only.

We can give dynamics a high rating when it comes to automotive soundproofing.  We can find them in the bulk packs in the form of sheets or you can get specific kitsch that is particularly arranged for doors, car trunks, or stereo systems. They have adhesive material at the back.

And it is attached directly to the metal body which makes it hidden when the machine is put back together. It also had heat reflecting properties that repel heat and keeps the car cooler and machinery temperature down as well.

  • Reduces car noise
  • Kills vibrations
  • Enhances performance by Absorbing rattles and transmit clear sound
  • Heat resistant
  • Costly if needed in bulk


8. Robert Super Felt Cushion roll

Robert Super Felt Cushion roll

It is great for the use of engineered wood and laminate flooring that will reduce sound transmission and provides sound cancellation.


Its size is 360 sq feet ( 60”× 72”×3″)with a thickness of 4mm. When you have the base kid concrete and wood this out layering can provide you an additional Cushion. It passes IIC and STC test with flying colors means there will be no sound transfer like the movement of equipment or noise of television doesn’t get transferred to lower levels.

Its usage is pretty easy as it gets adhered to the floor you just have to lay it simply. It provides an in-built vapor barrier that helps in no absorption of moisture or smell.  If you are installing a new floor this thing can be a game-changer. You can install it and get the perks as you get a soundproof place where you can concentrate on your work or sleep as you prefer.

Its looks are pretty average so you can have an interesting floor coating of your liking if you want

  • Easy to use
  • Soundproofing is great
  • Vapor barrier for keeping the moisture and smell out.
  • Comes in good quality and quantity
  • Must be adhered properly for best results


9. Acousti Coat – sound Deadening Paint

Acousti Coat sound Deadening Paint

As we have always heard about the MYTH of sound Deadening paints. But here is one example that when applied to the walls do makes a difference


It is a 5-gallon liquid that can be applied by brush, roller, or spray that can actually help in decreasing the transmission of sound in between the walls. It can be used in homes or buildings where you want to live or work with all the focus and noise from outside creates a big problem.

Companies claim that adding these paints are nontoxic and the very least amount of odor is created that faints with time as in most of the paints.  Plus it gets easily cleaned by the use of soap and water

Its cost might add some extra bucks to your home making but it definitely has additional benefits as well. By adding thi you are creating a  luxury that will give you a calm environment for life

  • Noise cancelling properties
  • Can be used by spray or brush
  • Environment friendly
  • Adds some additional cost


10. Green glue noise proofing compound

Green glue noise proofing compound

We have kept the best for the last. It is one of the most highly recommended material for soundproofing now a days


It is made up of 6 glue tubes of dampening compound that are very easy to use in regular noise-canceling for windows or spaces. Acoustic caulk (also known as an acoustic sealant or damping compound) is different from standard caulk because it is specifically designed to remain flexible rather than harden with time.

This means that it dampens vibrations rather than passing them straight through as hard caulk does.

Green Glue Noise proofing Compound is used as a sound dampening material in the construction of soundproof walls. When applied between layers of drywall, it can dissipate the sound vibrations that pass through walls and floors.

Acoustic caulk is essential for pretty much every soundproofing project. It should be copiously spread over any joint between soundproofing materials to absorb vibrations. Examples of places where acoustic caulk should be used include:

  • Around plug sockets.
  • Around lighting fixtures.
  • Behind door frames.
  • Where flooring meets the wall.
  • Between wall panels.

Acoustic caulk works best when applied very liberally. For that reason, it is best to go with a product that you can afford to buy lots of.

  • Best sound dampening properties
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable to get best results
  • Costly
  • Sometimes get messy


Types of soundproofing Materials

Many types of soundproofing materials are available in the market and every one is unique as per its material and sound-absorbing characteristics. We share some types and there material details for you to choose the best one as per your requirement.

Acoustic Foam

This is the most famous sound-absorbing material which is famous for its wedge or pyramid shape and best in soundproofing. They are normally called studio foam.

The usage is to attach them with walls as panels or you can hang them from the ceiling or the best is to sit in the corner as bass traps either way you use them they are best in sound-absorbing and allows you to enjoy in soundproof atmosphere.

Acoustic Fabrics

This Fabric is thicker as compare to other fabrics and mostly use in soundproofing. The other best usage of this Fabric is that it uses in theatre curtains, studio blankets,s and blackout curtains.

Sound insulation

Sound insulation are the batts made of fiberglass, rock wool, and mineral wool, and they are perfectly made to adjust between the walls to avoid sound transmitting inside. These sound insulators are the best to cover the space in between the walls to avoid any sort of sound passing through which makes them ideal for soundproofing.

Acoustic Panels

These are the artistic way to have a soundproof atmosphere as the acoustic panels are available in many attractive colors, patterns, and fabrics so you can decorate your house with them in addition you can have a stylish sound insulator and sound-absorbing material. These panels are ideal for home and workplace to have a soundproof atmosphere.

Acoustic Coating

This is a rubber-like material which is called Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) which is not only use in soundproofing but you can use it in many other purposes. This material works as a sound barrier and mostly used in car soundproofing,  machinery, appliances, and also use in under layering. This dense rubber like material helps to provide a noise breaker and gives you a soundproof environment

Floor Underlayment

In order to provide soundproof hardware or tile floor, the best method is to separate the flooring surface and the subfloor to absorb more noise shifting and provides a sound-free environment. The most common Underlayment material is polymer, cork roll and felt which reduces the noise shifting and make you home or workplace a soundproof space.


What is the cheapest way to soundproof a room?
Having a good resting time in your room needs a peaceful environment which can easily destroy by noisy surrounding so, the cheapest way to get soundproof room is to use curtains. Curtains and window treatments are very handy in avoiding noisy surrounding but also keep your privacy. The other convenient options for cheap soundproofing are cheap soundproofing foam, add some area rugs,hang acoustic panels to avoid sound and have a peaceful atmosphere in your room.
What is the best soundproof insulation?<br />
When you need a proper soundproof room the best material as compare to all other materials available in market is fiberglass insulation and blown-in cellulose insulation. These two materials are best for the job and you can have a peaceful atmosphere in your room or house as per you use them. They are pretty easy to apply and have best sound reducing quality which is cross confirmed by many household people and the answer was pretty satisfying
Is rubber good for soundproofing?
Most of people prefer rubber to use in soundproofing all around there house to have noise-free atmosphere inside the house. The best part of rubber is that you could set it into tiny cracks of your walls and it provides the same coverage as provided by silicon. Rubber is a good option to use as soundproofing and it provides a major difference if you use it all around the house.
Do eggs cartons absorb sound ?
No they are not made for sound absorbing. The various textural ripples and waves of egg carton material are not made for sound absorbing. They basically break these sound waves into different frequencies which might reduce the level of noise production and echo in your room but you must use better soundproofing materials to keep your home or workplace soundproof.

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