Best Computer Speakers Under $50 – Reviewed 2021

You need some new speakers but your budget is tight. Here we are going to give you a list of speakers that are definitely of good quality to cover your need but more importantly they are not going to explode your pocket as they are under $50

The need for speakers these days is getting very important as people are spending a lot of time on their computers and during work breaks and after work music games are also entertaining for them. With such high-profile games, sound system clarity is the key. Plus high pitch music also needs a push from speakers

You don’t need to empty your pocket to have a music system attached to your computer. Now the companies are manufacturing great quality speakers in an affordable range. They don’t cross the high-end luxury ones but still, they are pretty close and in your budget.

Here is the list to help you choose the one that’s compatible for your laptop and in your budget as well

  • Logitech S120
  • Logitech Z623
  • Creative pebble 2.0
  • Creative inspire T12 2.0
  • Logitech Z323 speaker system with subwoofer
  • GO groove Computer speaker mini soundbar
  • SANYO SW102 Computer Speaker
  • ASIYUN wired and wireless computer soundbar
  • ELEGIANT computer speakers
  • TaoTronics TT – SK018 wired soundbar

1. Logitech S120

Logitech S120

Logitech S120 speakers make our list of speakers under $50 as they are in very affordable price. It is a simple speaker set with the standard of audio Logitech provides. They are very sleek and stylish in looks. They take very little space on your desk. Their curvy looks give them a very expensive look.

They are equipped with all the required controls and ports you need. You need to watch movies and listen to the music on regular basis than Logitech S120 is going to fulfil all your needs. This speaker is a great investment overall.

Specifications with design

This speaker looks great around your computer. They are 7 inches tall and 2.5 inch long and broad approximately. The grills on the front adds another dimension to your speakers.

The right speaker has a separate panel that has volume knob and under that a headphones jack. Right speaker also has an LED indicator for power availability. Under the speakers are rubber stubs that provides balance to S120 speakers.

It response to the Bandwidth between 50Hz and 20 kHz. This speaker comes with an AC charger cord. It is not USB supported even with such small size. The power switch is also available on the right speaker. At the back there is a stereo cable that ends with 3.5mm jack which then connects to the audio out port of your laptop or computers. You don’t have to deal with those external hefty battery brick.

Sound quality

These Logitech speakers can handle the power of 2.3W and the 2.5 inch driver is installed in both speakers that pump or the loud sound. If you honestly analyse than the sound is great for the price you have paid. If you are just a listener and not a keen critic you will be very happy with the loud sound it generates. You won’t be able to point out the glaring irregularities like distortion or sibilance. That’s the max you can get in such price

If you are a keen listener of opera or classical music than you need to put in more money to find the speakers compatible for such taste. Next we will mention more speakers that you can check out

  • Classic looks
  • No external battery pack
  • Good audio in such price
  • Diverse use
  • Tiny footprint
  • Low price
  • Audio quality is just average but not great


2. Logitech Z623

Logitech Z623

Here is another speaker in our list from Logitech that shows that they are great manufacturers of computer speaker. Logitech’s Z623 isn’t any different. It is a great value of money providing speaker. They are incredibly powerful performing speakers with THX certification. These factors make this speaker a great choice in our list.

Specifications and design

Logitech Z623 speaker system comes with three components

  • Two satellite speakers
  • One subwoofer

The satellite speakers are 7.8”×5.6″×5.4″ in height, width and depth. With such great size specification, they look great on your computer table and don’t take much space. They have rubber feet to stabilize the speaker and absorb the vibrations. They are designed to throw the sound at an upward angle with top being narrow and bottom wide

The right speaker has all the main control panel attached to it and left one has just the driver. The power knob, volume button and base are placed on right speaker. 2.5-inch front-firing is there on speakers and sealed drivers are there to push the bass-forward. The right speaker has an additional input of 3.5mm connection, AUX and headphone jack.

Subwoofers are 11.9”×11.1″×10.4″ in height, depth and width. And they provide serious sound support to speakers

Sound quality

Sound performance of Logitech is outstanding. Two satellite speakers produce crisp and clear high notes and a very broad mid-range. 35Watts each is delivered by speakers and sub woofer pushes 130W and it just takes your house party to another level.

Heat keeps flowing through grills that keeps the heat out and speaker efficiency to maximum. The subwoofer gives out deep and powerful bass that makes watching movies, playing games and listening to music truly exclusive experience

Its frequency range is from 35Hz to 20 kHz. It produces 200watts RMS power that gives extraordinary sound quality with little distortion.

  • THX certified
  • Cinematic quality sound, great audio and powerful bass
  • No distortion at high volume
  • Compatible with all aesthetics
  • Multiple input and out put options
  • 200W power is great for 2.1 speaker system
  • Great value of money
  • Proprietary speaker cables
  • No remote control


3. Creative Pebble 2.0

Creative Pebble 2 0

Creative as the name suggests are very renowned for their different styles and technically strong speaker manufacturers. They are very stylish orbs-shaped speaker who got inspired from the Japanese Zen garden for enhancing the performance. They are a top-rated brand for computer speakers and many of their products are best selling in business.

Specifications and design

They are designed to throw the sound deep into the room with the tilt of 45 degree angle. This is a great design that not only looks good but also provides a heavy sound with an eye catching appearance. They look so stylish sitting on your computer table

The Pebble 2.0 is a great USB powered desktop speaker. It has golden pill in the middle that supports the sound through all around the surrounding. It has very modern and stylish aesthetics that give a value of money and gives your room or workplace a new aura

Sound quality

With the help of 45-degree tilt that the speaker provides they produce a great sound throw toward the listeners. Creative pebble 2.0 provides a directional projection of sound in the room that optimizes the sound for people.

Each speaker is 4.4 inches wide that can be easily placed at your desk or in the side that enhances the sound and creates a great overall appearance. They provide built-in far-field drivers and a rare facing passive radiator for bass reproduction enhancement. This takes the sound to a great peak and lets’s listener take the whole experience.

The RMS peak is 4.4W. They are USB-powered speakers with hassle-free working. They have a 3.5mm jack to connect with your computer and provides you with a volume knob as well.

  • 45 degree tilt
  • USB supported
  • Modern looks
  • Sound control
  • Audio quality is still not great


4. Creative Inspire T12 2.0

Creative Inspire T12 2 0

Creative inspire T12 2.p is a multimedia set that creative have launched with AC adapter. Here they are going more on traditional route. They are the highest selling brand for computer speakers. Creative inspire T12 produces the best sound that’s crystal clear and without distortion.

Specifications and design

These creative T12 is the largest selling speakers at apple store just because they provide an impressive sound quality as creative does. The crystal clear high notes makes you enjoy these speakers with such a low price tag.

They are great in size with 3.9″×7.1″×2.8″ of dimensions that makes them perfect for your computer table. These speakers provide a huge sound with the help of high performance drivers. At the front of the speaker company has placed tweeter and the woofer takes the back space of speaker entirely.

Sound quality

Bass reflex design is what helps the speakers optimize quality even at lowest frequencies. Audio play back gets a wide spectrum for lowest frequencies with the help of bass flex technology.  This makes the speaker sound crystal clear at lowest lows and highest high frequencies.

The sound doesn’t distort or breaks even at high volumes. The design is made in such a way that it enhances the quality of sound. Its sound keeps the party alive and you can make a great impression with their help. In such low price finding a speaker with such quality overall is a real steel deal.

  • High quality manufacturing
  • Maximum efficiency design
  • Minimal footprint
  • AC powered
  • Great value of money
  • Bass and treble control by same knob


5. Logitech Z323 speaker system with subwoofer

Logitech Z323 speaker system with subwoofer

Again Logitech has done its best job in manufacturing the speaker that can easily shake the room full of people. They are in great price range that is great from value of money point of view and also they provide great sound than other high end speakers. They occupy very little place so they can easily become the part of your computer table or can be attached to any home theatre.

Specifications and design

This piece of speaker consists of two satellite speakers and one subwoofer. The satellite speakers are 8.3 inches tall, 3.4 inches wide and 5.3 inches deep. While the sub woofers are 7×5×7 inches and falls into compact category. The outside is all matte black but front is glossy black with no grill on speaker that might create dust issues in such surroundings.

30W of RMS is created by both equipment. The sub is down firing 4 inch driver. This got rates at 18W power. 360 degree sound is produced by these speakers. Each satellite speaker has one tweeter at front and one at back. Back of sub has a volume knob .older TV also have the chance to connect via RCA. Power and speakers are other 2 connections

Volume knobs, headphone out and 3.5mm auxiliary out is also on right speaker.

Sound quality

The sound quality that is provided by Logitech Z323 speaker system is impressive. They have a wide range of volume and are perfect to place in room or class rooms specially. The speakers are placed at an angle that optimizes the sound throw and it hits loud at every corner of the room.

The bass is also widely extended. Bit bony sound comes at high volume. With this price this sound system is a great option. Cable movement might create some crackling. Cables should be set up properly.

  • Great bass provided
  • Rare and front tweeter in each satellite
  • Loud and clear audio
  • Detachable cables
  • RCA and AUX outputs
  • Noisy cable movement


6. GO groove Computer speaker mini soundbar

GO groove Computer speaker mini soundbar

The soundbar is a very elegant and least space-consuming way that you can add speakers behind your television and now you can attach them to your computers as well. That too in an extremely affordable price. It is a great choice as far as looks and sound quality is considered and adds value to your space outlook

Specifications and design

Gogroove computer speaker mini soundbar is a great black elegant design that takes your LCD screen to another dimension both in looks and sound. It is easily placed under your computer screen and you don’t need to free up the space on your desk or waste the huge space. You can free your life from those clutter and cables of desktop speaker.

Gogroove computer speaker mini sound bar has a headphone and microphone porta. One single control dial is used to ON OFF or adjust the volume. It has a soothing and modern LED indicator on it. It is very easy to use speaker. Just have to plug in USB cable power, 3.55mm speaker and microphone Jack’s into your computer.

There is no mess of software installation or big adapters. The best feature is that both the ports are right in front so you don’t need those weird angles to plug in the headphones and mic. U can directly send audio data into your computer y directly plugging inn headphones and mic into allotted ports

Sound quality

This Gogroove sound bar is a  UBR speaker that’s the design that give this sound bar compactness as well as it helps to throw maximum sound with clarity into your ears. UBR helps you enjoy the sound to its highest peak as it was supposed to. Its angle that comes from its innovated shape makes sure the sound is directly thrown toward the listener.

The sound is a lot warmer and louder than your usual computer speakers. The lows and minds are very comforting to hear. Vocals are very clear with zero or unnoticeable distortion. Medium volume has great effects but as you crank up the volume sound start getting distorted and harsh.

But if you look at the price point it’s one of the great value of money and quality speakers

  • Compact design
  • Cost effective
  • Better sound quality than integrated speakers
  • No Bluetooth
  • Lots of wires involved
  • Average sound


7. SANYUN SW102 Computer Speaker

SANYUN SW102 Computer Speaker

These are stylish pairs of speakers with a great unique design aesthetic. It is very pleasing to the eye and takes very less space on your desk. It provides a very modern look. They provide a great sound experience and the cost is very Affordable according to the quality of sound

Specifications and design

High quality metal in combination of plastic makes these speakers provide a stabilized outlook so that it doesn’t vibrate with loud sound. It comes in the combination of black and silver colour and the blue LED lamp shape ring makes it aesthetically appealing and shows off metal curved lines beautifully.

The speakers are small 3.94×2.76×2.95 inches and each speaker’s maximum power is up to 5W each that’s great for such a small size a powerful audio experience is guaranteed. Outstanding bass quality and bass diaphragm and low-frequency aid design gets the best result from such small stereo systems

Sound quality

Both speaker and people should be around 1 m apart that creates the best audio effect from the speakers. It has a 360 degree audio design that spreads the consistent crystal clear sound throughout the room.

High quality drive by wire design and a 3.5mm audio interface is compatible with most sound systems. Just plug inn and start using the speakers. It’s that easy. USB supported power supply with the ability to connect to any 5V charger as well.

  • Built in bass diaphragm
  • Aesthetics are amazing
  • Elliptical design
  • Cost effective
  • Still room for improvement in audio quality at high volumes


8. ASIYUN wired and wireless computer soundbar

ASIYUN wired and wireless computer soundbar

The upgraded version of ASIYAN is another great option for a soundbar user. It is a USB dual-driven speaker that provides well-rounded sound on an overall spectrum.  It is a great option for your small office space as it slides under your screen and provides you great sound experience.

Specifications and design

It is powered by two drivers that provides a 5W each and the sound is so crisp and mesmerizing. It is perfect for your car, parties, room etc. It has the option of staying connected to your phones and you can answer your calls. Aux-in port for devices with no Bluetooth availability.

It has a card capacity of 32G. Its compatibility with all the software like mp3 player and tablets makes it a great speaker for regular use

Sound quality

The sound quality is great with this speaker. Its design supports the maximum output of crystal clear sound in the air. You can listen to anything you want with a great clarity. The volume control on the side knob allows you to access it easily and listen to your favourite music in the sound volume.  The audio amplification is just magic in this speaker.

  • Great build
  • 3 modes( line in , Bluetooth, TF card)
  • Space saving design
  • Cost effective
  • Sound not loud in big halls


9. ELEGIANT computer speakers

ELEGIANT computer speakers

Elegiant desktop speakers alternatively emit colour full lights. It looks very attractive in the dark and enhance the atmosphere during movies and playing games. LED lights get turned on/off by pressing it for 2 sec

Specifications and design

It gets plug and play with USB and there is no need for batteries or power cords. USB needs to be plugged into power the speaker.  Pink cable is for mic and green cable for headphones. It has a round knob to crank up the volume. It supports the Blue tooth of almost every other device

The design is innovative for these speaker but the speaker also is innovative in technology. It is a very durable and long-lasting product in such low price

Sound quality

It provides rich and crystal clear sound that fills the air with a high mesmerizing sound that have a great grip on your ears. 5W each two speakers produces excellent sound and enjoy the whole experience. You can enjoy music and movies with such clarity.

  • Colorful LED Lights
  • Sleek & Unique Design
  • Rich and Crystal Clear Sound
  • Simple Operation, AUX&BT Mode
  • Compatible with Multiple Devices
  • Still sound can improve


10. TaoTronics TT – SK018 wired soundbar

TaoTronics TT SK018 wired soundbar

TaoTronics TTSK018 is a great speaker option. The single bar looks great and also occupies less space. It is great for the movies and music experience.

Specifications and features

It is a great sound bar that takes least space. 16.1 inches wide, 2.5 inches high and 2.8 inches in depth, this sound bar produces a crisp clear sound. The aesthetics are quite pleasing with silver grills and matte black back.

3.5mm ports are available for mic and one for audio. It is compatible with all the devices. It is a great sound experience you get from the speakers.

Sound quality

These speakers maintain a 10W RMS power. It provides the completely balance of bass, vocals and treble. The bass don’t overwhelm the audio. It supports and exaggerates the whole sound experience to full. It has two full range drivers. Its angle totally maximizes the sound throw. It is an excellent addition to get crisp and clear sound with your TV and way better than speaker that occupy to much space

  • It has less connections
  • USB supported
  • Balanced audio
  • Elegant
  • Compatible with devices
  • Could offer more in sound quality



Here we have given you the list of speakers that are less than $50. You just have to determine what specifications you want, what space you have, and what compatibility settings you want with your computer.

Our pick Logitech S120 it has a diverse use with tiny foot print and shows great compatibility with other devices. It has a great sound and provide whole experience.


What sound should I expect from speakers under $50?
While you won’t get audiophile-quality that you would expect from high-end speakers, you’ll be surprised how much sound can come from small, inexpensive speakers. Look for speakers designed specifically for computers, as they will provide better sound than trying to connect stereo speakers to your computer. Many feature designs and shapes were developed to enhance low-end and bass sound for better sound quality given their compact size.
What features should I look for in computer speakers?
That is up to each individual person – consider how you want to use your speakers, and what features are most important to you, including cords, sound quality and volume, size, and overall looks. Do you want solid power connections with cords or the convenience of Bluetooth? Will you use them for watching movies, gaming, or work meetings? Do you have much space on your desk to devote to speakers? Lastly – think about aesthetics. How do you want your space to look, and how prominent (or not) do you want the speakers in that space?
What does 2.0 and 2.1 mean?
Y2.0 is a basic two-speaker setup that you are probably used to seeing sitting on the desk with most PCs. A 2.1 system uses the two speakers for the higher frequencies incorporates a separate subwoofer for bass, like the Cyber Acoustics and Amazon Basics systems above. 2.1 systems will generally take up more space but provide better quality sound.
Why do some computer speakers buzz?
Here are a few different reasons computer speakers buzz, and it can be frustrating to diagnose and fix the problem. Buzzing can be caused by radio frequencies from other devices interfering with the speakers, grounding issues with the electrical supply, cord damage, and other issues. If you hear a buzz, try moving your speakers around (or move other electrical devices placed near your speakers), or moving the cords around. You’ll also want to try connecting headphones to the same computer or device to make sure it’s not a problem with the computer’s sound card.
Should I look for AC powered or USB?
To provide power for the speakers, there are a few options. AC power plugs into a wall outlet. USB can plug into your computer or a wall charger. While USB generally means fewer cords on your desk, it does not provide the same amount of power as AC, and therefore speakers using USB tend to produce less bass and lower volume.

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