A2 Lenrue Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review – [2021]

Wires are history now and if you are still using the wired speakers then you need to lift up your game because wireless speakers are the best way to listen to music in portable areas where you can’t find the electricity source.

You might have seen many portable speakers in the market but today we are reviewing one of the best portable speakers that are very good and there are hundreds of positive reviews about that wireless speaker and that speakers are the Lenrue Portable Wireless Bluetooth speakers.

A2 League Portable wireless Bluetooth speaker

A2 League Portable wireless Bluetooth speaker 


League is a very well-known company in the products related to electronics. League is a mark that has no meaning in any foreign language. They are very famous for making keyboards, memory cards, speakers, and other high-quality products.  This trademark is under the ownership of the DONGGUAN LOYFUN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.


The first thing that you look at in the Bluetooth speaker or any other thing is the design of the speaker and if it looks nice then I go for the other things because if something is not looking nice then I don’t care how good specifications it has and there are many people out there who will really agree to my thinking.

The design of this speaker is cute and very compact. It is a small drum wireless speaker that you can take with you wherever you are going to enjoy your favorite songs. In our view, it is one of the best Bluetooth speakers to look at especially if you have the gloss black color because that really looks awesome and I don’t see any other Bluetooth speaker that is that stylish and awesome.

There are five other color options from which you can choose from and those colors are Red, Grey, Silver, Blue, and Rose Gold. Color is a very subjective choice, so you can choose them according to your color taste.

Sound Quality

There are many people that might think that the sound from these speakers is not good because of their small design but don’t worry it has a very loud and clear sound-producing capacity that will surely make your time enjoying listening to your favorite music.

If you are camping on the peak of the mountain and want to listen to your favorite music then this Bluetooth speaker is the best option for you because it will give you a very smooth and crisp sound so, you can enjoy the real sound and voice of the singer.

Battery Timing

This is also a very interesting thing and probably the most important thing in the Bluetooth speaker that makes or breaks the reputation of the speaker. There are many Bluetooth speakers that are very expensive and good looking but they do not have good batteries, so they were a flop.

Because if someone wants to listen to the songs during the hike to stay motivated and after listening to the 5 to 6 songs the battery collapsed then he would be very disappointed.

But not with this Bluetooth speaker because it has a very powerful battery of 1000 mAh that gives you a maximum of 10 to 12 hours of battery timing which is very good in the Bluetooth speakers. Now with this speaker, you don’t have to worry that the battery will collapse within your half hiking trail but this will charge you full time.


Portability is a very important thing for the wireless speaker because if someone is going to buy this kind of speaker then for sure he wants to use it at the place where he can’t access the Electricity otherwise he will go for the wired speakers;.

This wireless speaker is very lightweight. Their weight is only 0.31 pounds. That is quite lightweight. That means if you are going on a trip you can easily carry it in your pocket or your handbag and it will not even cover much space.

Connectivity and compatibility

This wireless Bluetooth speaker is featuring the Bluetooth 4.1 version that allows you to connect your device instantly without any delay. You can connect the Bluetooth within the range of 33ft from the speaker which is a very vast range for this kind of speaker.

There are also some other sources from which you can connect and enjoy the music and those are through the 3.5mm aux cable and or a TF card that gives you some other connectivity options than the Bluetooth.

This Bluetooth speaker is compatible with all your Bluetooth-enabled devices. You just need to pair it with the devices and listen to your music. It does not matter that you have IOS devices or Android devices you can connect it to this speaker and listen to music.

Customer Support

The customer support of the brand describes how good or bad they are and this brand has very friendly customer support. If you are facing any problem with your Bluetooth speaker then contact them on their number or on emails and they will respond to you immediately and they will make sure to solve their problem.

This is one of the premium level customer support that is very good for this kind of big brand and if I have to rate the customer support then I will give them 10 out of 10 because of their high-quality customer-friendly support.

  • The drum design is very cute and stylish
  • It connects with the devices seamlessly
  • It is very lightweight and portable
  • It is made of the high-quality Aluminium Alloy
  • Battery timing is about 10 to 12 hours a day
  • Fast charging
  • High-quality sound
  • It is compatible with all f devices that have Bluetooth.
  • Premium level customer support
  • Six months warranty
  • They are not durable



League is a very popular and one of the top known brands in the manufacturing of Bluetooth wireless speakers. You got good quality speakers within the decent price range. So, we here reviewed the A2 Lenrue Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This is also one of the best quality wireless Bluetooth speakers.

It has a very good design, sound quality, and battery timing. That all you need is the Bluetooth speakers. These all things at a very decent price that everyone can afford so, if you are asking us then this might be the best options in the Bluetooth speakers and you should buy this product.


Is Lenrue a good brand?
Yes, it is a very good brand when it comes to Bluetooth speakers. They manufacture many other electronics but they are specialized in Bluetooth speakers because of their high-quality products. Their products are famous because they are high-quality but low in price. So, you can get a good Bluetooth speaker at a reasonable price from League.
How do I charge my Lenrue speaker?
The Bluetooth speaker has a USB cable port in it and you can charge it with the adapter of your smartphone like you charge your smartphones. League Bluetooth speakers are famous for the good battery timings and their fast-charging systems. You can get a good quality wireless Bluetooth speaker within the decent price range from this brand
How do I pair my A2?
If you want to pair your device with the A2 then on the Bluetooth of the A2 and also from your device then you will get some other devices select the ones from which you want to connect and then connect it. Now follow the instructions and your device is connected with the speakers.


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