Best 6×9 Car Speaker for Bass and Sound Quality

We all love music in our Cars as we spend some time in them while traveling especially when we are with friends and partying around. A good sound system is a great mood pleasure and elevates the quality of getting together.

If you have an average sound system and you are planning for an up-gradation of your car stereo with the addition of some bass as well but do not want to add an extra amplifier and subwoofer then our list of some 6×9 Car speaker will surely be of help to you in achieving some quality sound and bass as well

6×9 car speakers are great as they have a good size as well as good bass. Sound quality will be improved immensely with their addition. They provide a mid-bass kick to the sound and high clarity and efficiency as well.

If you are unsure of which 6×9 speaker will suit your car and sound requirements.  Here is our list that will surely make your decision easy.

Best 6×9 car speakers for bass and sound quality.

1. New Kicker 43DSC69304 D Series

New Kicker 43DSC69304 D SeriesWith the kicker’s name in sound quality, the new Kicker range is no different. As kicker is famous for great sound production and compactness this new kicker speaker is the perfect practical example

This 3-way coaxial speaker is critically engineered to deliver better sound performance, specifically clearer and more dynamic sound for a more enjoyable driving experience.

To eliminate the hoarseness successfully from your audio, kicker introduced a half-inch PEI dome tweeter and a super tweeter in the system. The super tweeter is meant to deal with higher frequencies in the spectrum in a better way and belt out the high-frequency details with more clarity and ambiance.

Ribbed polyester foam surrounds a 2-inch polypropylene woofer which transforms sound from the source to the highest and cleanest audio that kicker provides. Tune your music to any volume and alter any frequency Kicker 43DSC69304 will give you the best sound experience that you want.

The woofers are thin in design so that they get totally fitted in your car doors and don’t ruin the car window system. The Kicker 43DSC69304 speaker has 360W of maximum power, 70W RMS power, and 92dB sensitivity rating per speaker pair provide you a really powerful and distortion-free car audio upgrade over the built-in sound

Kicker 43DSC69304 can handle all the situations. If your car has a lesser power unit than speakers high sensitivity motor is at work and the woofer enables for production of satisfaction sound volume. If the system has an additional amplifier then this woofer can handle the high power also and provide you with the kick you desired.

All in all, if you want to raise your sound experience up a notch and you lack budget this is a great pick and will satisfy your sound needs.

  • Design 3 way
  • Peak power 360W
  • RMS Power 90W
  • Sensitivity 92dB
  • Frequency Range 20-30 kHz
  • Impedance 4 ohms
  • Economical as compared to other top-rated brands
  • Loud and clear sound
  • An excellent option for front and back door speaker replacement
  • Deeper and far better bass than built-in speakers
  • Holes need to be modified to fit in some car models.


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2. Rockford R169×2

Rockford R169×2Rockford is a highly respected brand that is recognized by most audio enthusiasts that look to take their music experience a notch higher. Likewise, Rockford 169×2 is no exception to their famous line of speakers.

It is one of the most cost-effective speakers in the market as compared to brands. They provide a great clear sound with no distortion.

Rockford speaker system is designed for sensitivity. Rockford R169 has the lowest sensitivity range of only 90dB.

The speakers are a little underpowered with only 60RMS watts. Even with the combination of low sensitivity and power the woofer creates a great bass. But such a low-frequency range is likely to go unnoticed

It has a vacuum polypropylene cone that is surrounded by polyester rubber which provides high sound from the source.  Silk dome flush mounted tweeter with an integrated tweeter crossover gives another level of sharpness and clarity to the sound.

They get adjusted in your car doors easily and overall you get a reasonable high sound experience with Rockford R169 speakers.

  • Design 2 way
  • Peak power 130W
  • RMS Power 65W
  • Sensitivity 90  dB
  • Frequency Range 48Hz-20KHz
  • Impedance 4 ohms
  • Extremely reasonable price
  • Great addition of sound above factory settings
  • Good bass
  • Distorted sound at high volume
  • The mounting holes sometimes don’t line up


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3. Hertz CPX 690 Pro Oval

Hertz CPX 690 Pro OvalThey are without a doubt the loudest and powerful speakers on the market.  The copper voice coil and an oversized neodymium magnet are primarily responsible for such powerful sound production in Hertz Audio HCX 690.

This magnet provides superior mechanical abilities and above all provides peak heat resistance. Even at low frequencies, you can enjoy crystal clear quality music because the aluminum basket boasts maximum heat dissipation capacity.

Tweeter and super tweeter generate a soothing midrange sound that’s really enjoyable with minimum distortions. The best melody is delivered by mesh fiber cone and its polymers and your listening experience is heightened.

These speakers are a great investment because of their pounding bass and powerful volume. Overheating of speakers is prevented by the exceptionally durable material Hertz Audio HCX 690 is made of.

Last but not least they are expensive and provides luxury to your car. With such great features, it is supposed to drain your pocket. But it’s totally worth the money for sure.

  • Design    3 way
  • Peak power 260W
  • RMS Power 130W
  • Sensitivity 94dB
  • Frequency Range 32-30K Hz
  • Impedance 4 ohms
  • Powerful Bass Performance
  • No Overheating
  • Extraordinary quality and design
  • The high sensitivity of 94dB
  • Great midrange through well manages tweeter
  • High prices
  • Tweeter rotation


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4. Alpine SPE 6090 car Audio Speakers ( Pair)

Alpine SPE 6090 car Audio Speakers ( Pair)Alpine is one of the long-lasting manufacturers of durable automotive speakers. So their speakers are bound to make to the top 10 on our list. On a surprising note that they are greatly known for such 6×9 car speakers.

The best feature that Alpine speaker is they are very cost-efficient. You do not have to disturb your budget in order to get a great quality sound experience. Here you give Alpine SPE6090 a big thumbs up.

A dome architecture with a silk fabric construction that encloses a tweeter makes it possible to give a high-quality sound to this fine automobile speaker

With such a cheap price, you should be ready to expect some issues. You should not expect to get the best soundscape. The alpine bass is undoubtedly very disappointing, especially to the brand, although the frequency array is a little truncated compared to the number of its opponent in a narrow 65Hz- 18kHz.

  • Design   2 way
  • Peak power 300W
  • RMS Power 75W
  • Sensitivity 91dB
  • Frequency Range 65-18K Hz
  • Impedance 4 ohms
  • The best feature in such a low price
  • Somewhat better quality over the built-in sound system
  • The tweeter uses a soft dome silk design
  • Have a poor base
  • The high notes are very sharp


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5. Polk Audio DB692 DB

Polk Audio DB692 DBThe DB 692 has taken the car automobile industry by leaps and bounds. They are the foremost providers of versatility and mobility.

Their most attractive feature is that you can use them in any automobile you use. Great power handling with power peak at 450W and the sensitivity of 93 dB and a 4-ohm impedance with the 3-way marine-certified speaker.

While driving cycling and boating this speaker show such great performance and gives you a great sound experience. This shows how versatile these Polk Audio DB 692 speakers are.

A propylene UV Tolerant woofer cone alongside a strong rubber provides a really good resilience and solid playback while using these speakers

You will listen to all the high with utmost clarity due to the two silk dome tweeter placed perfectly in Polk Audio DB 692. These tweeters are the main reason that sound is reproduced with such accuracy even on high tones.

The crossover network amply fitted inside the speaker keeps highs and lows flowing to the accurate driver. This isolation of frequencies is very important for the sound quality and its benefits can be traced clearly during the highest highs of the speaker.

The power handling of 150W RMS makes it really easy for these speakers to connect with a wide range of receivers in the market. This speaker goes to another level of sound production if you attach it with an amplifier. It in return gives a thrilling and rocking sound.

For a custom installation, we have strongly built grills that not only attach it to other premium grade speakers and add a nice flare to the speaker.

All in all its ability to attach with all types of automobiles and the extremely awesome sound it is one of the best speakers.

  • Design 3 way
  • Peak power 300W
  • RMS Power 150W
  • Sensitivity 93dB
  • Frequency Range 35-22KHz
  • Impedance 4 ohms
  • Sounds clearer, Warmer, and more natural than stocks
  • No modifications needed to install
  • Decent bass production
  • Water and Dirt-resistant
  • Cannot achieve very deep bass
  • Too much mobility endangered speakers
  • May experience a little distortion at peak power


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6. JBL Club 9630 3- way coaxial speaker system

JBL Club 9630 3- way coaxial speaker systemBuying the speaker is a great opportunity to enhance your car sound system. Under your budget of $100, JBL is providing a decent speaker with good bass response. With this kind of economic rate you get the best out of your speaker

Crystal clear sound at the highest volume with a clean melody is a good combination to have. Tweeter and super tweeter will provide an excellent quality soundscape if you decide to use an amplifier with them you get 3ohm and above-average RMS wattage of 80 still, the highest sound at 11 will be one of the finest experiences to have.

With the name JBL you are supposed to crank the volume high unfortunately they get blown out quicker than some other competitors.

  • Design    3 way
  • Peak power 240W
  • RMS Power 80W
  • Sensitivity    5dB
  • Frequency Range 50-20KHz
  • Impedance   3 ohms
  • Crystal clear and crisp sound even at high volume
  • Enhances the factory settings by a good bit
  • No amplifier add-on needed
  • Flimsy on terminals
  • Bass should be improved


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7. Pioneer TS- A6990F

Pioneer TS- A6990FOne of the biggest and oldest names in the automotive speaker industry is a pioneer. They have given decades to perfecting and fine-tuning the landscape of audio equipment. With these, they are upgrading the trend.

When it comes to the mids and highs, this 5-way pioneer speaker outperformed every other speaker because of the price range. It is a premium-priced speaker system that gives complete value for money.

This pioneering design purposely matches the full woofer range loudspeakers to provide seamless and smooth sound characteristics with dynamic high-impact bass that lets you hear and feel the music.

For high range, sound pioneers need to make sure that the speakers would not become unduly taxed. The RMS is restricted to low 60 watts. But with 90dB sensitivity, they will not require any additional higher input.

They provide great mid-range sound and it’s mostly for those users. You will get clear and clear sound within the range

  • Design 5 way
  • Peak power 700W
  • RMS Power 60W
  • Sensitivity 90dB
  • Frequency Range 22-25KHz
  • Impedance 4 ohms
  • Clean and clear sound
  • The higher and lower range is great
  • Decent sound in the price range
  • Lacking the bass


8. Kenwood KFC- 6966S Speaker

Kenwood KFC- 6966S SpeakerThese are some of the best 6×9 speakers of the current day. The cost of Kenwood KFC 6966S is very reasonable that makes them easy to afford. They are great at handling extra power. Woofer, tweeters, midrange, and drivers make perfect sync to produce this type of clear sound

Power efficiency is one of the greatest features. They show great performance with a stock radio power. Propylene woofer is highly durable and creates a ground thumping bass with no effect of humidity or temperature.

Ferrite magnets provide temperature-maintaining qualities. These speakers are for sure great sound providers and go with your car a long way. In the price range, you get the smoothest highs and perfect bass but it can be improved.

They are definitely worth giving a shot as they don’t drain your pocket much and are a great experience.

  • Design 3 way
  • Peak power 400W
  • RMS Power 45W
  • Sensitivity 92dB
  • Frequency Range 30-22KHz
  • Impedance 4 ohms
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great mid-range
  • Grills are used for protection
  • Easily installed
  • High sound provides a great bass
  • Difficult fittings on grills
  • Harsh sound on tweeters


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9. Infinity Kappa 93ix

Infinity Kappa 93ix They are the most modern and advanced 6×9 speakers from infinity kappa 93ix. They have outstanding build quality and high-end looks. The sleek and modern grill design is an instant eye pleasure. It is a perfect overall

Plus one woofer sound technology produces deep bass with our distortion. Clear highs are achieved through integrated edge-driven textile tweeters. Infinity is at the top of its game with the kappa line providing the highest performance.

This is a three-way design where mid-range grandpa allows a full three-way switch using a cross-over. Kappa series is highly expandable which a full user factory audio set up. 2.5ohm lowest resistance can produce rich and natural sound.

They allow the sound system to work its magic at the highest volume even at factory speaker wiring. The fiberglass woofer cones can really bear a lot. Infinity is built to shine through all of the harshness users put them through to get their desired sound.

Their 96dB sensitivity produces the most amazing sound. The range coverage is excellent as well. Infinity uses audiophile-quality inductors and capacitors throughout the kappa range.

They prove their resilience the most as they are put through rigorous reliably testing. Maximum power input for long hours to test their extreme endurance.

  • Design 3 way
  • Peak power 330W
  • RMS Power 110W
  • Sensitivity 96dB
  • Frequency Range 35-30KHz
  • Impedance 2.5ohms
  • Resilient
  • Great looks
  • High-end factory upgrade
  • Expandable with amplifier
  • Highest cost
  • Adapters are needed to get them installed in tighter areas


10. JBL GTO939 Premium coaxial Speaker

JBL GTO939 Premium coaxial SpeakerWhen you look for a speaker that holds great value in the market in the coming future this JBL GTO939 co-axial speaker is one of the best speakers. The reason for the crystal clear voice is the carbon injected cones. They promote accuracy and clarity to the sound quality of JBL speakers

These speakers are made with advanced technology Plus One woofer cone. It keeps the size constant but provides an extra surface area. A better soundstage is attained by unipivot rotating tweeter mount by adjusting the tweeter to the driving position and a My-Ti tweeter.

This JBL GTO939 speaker provides the same great quality with high sensitivity that enables this speaker to pair up with low-powered stereo. A large amount of power is easily handled by these speakers making them widely compatible with another outboard amplifier These speakers are so easy to install and require no extra expertise. Sound becomes so extraordinary with The plus One technology because the cone features vibrate a lot more surrounding air and as result, it sounds way better

Crystal clear highs are achieved as tweeters are made of Titanium-Mylar.

  • Design 3 way
  • Peak power 300W
  • RMS Power 100W
  • Sensitivity 94dB
  • Frequency Range 46-21KHz
  • Impedance 2 ohms
  • Remarkable sound quality
  • Excellent design
  • High quality built
  • Plus One technology and Unipivot
  • Needs high – pass filter for higher volume
  • Mounts deeper than other 6×9 speakers
  • No installation hardware


Why you have 6×9 Speakers

There is a list of advantages of having 6×9 speakers, some of them are.

High Sound Quality

If you are looking for the best sound experience 6×9 speakers are the best choice for your car. These speakers are designed to provide superior sounding and they are made to gives you the best audio experience. The other feature of these speakers is that with high-quality sound they are cost-efficient, so you can enjoy good quality music under your budget.

Lots of Options

There is a wide range of speakers which are available in various sizes and shapes. A variety of models allows you to choose with more options and select the best one you want as per sound, shape, and cost. So choosing 6×9 speakers for your car will give you a wide range of verity with the best sound quality.

Easy to Install

The best part of 6×9 speakers is that they are so easy to install in almost any vehicle so, if you are thinking that you have to go through a process or hire a specialist for the installation of the speakers, you are wrong. The 6×9 speakers are so easy to install and set up quickly to provide you with high-quality sound.

Space efficiency

Efficient spacing is one of the critical needs in looking for a speaker for your car. If the car space doesn’t accurately sync with space then it will not fit properly and will NOT work.  6×9 speakers’ design should be compact and with strong built that perfectly compliment your car sound.

Extra expense

The sound system has a lot of up gradation options some cost extra but some come with the package. If you don’t pay anything still you get the great sound quality and the volume. There is no need to upgrade to full.

Specifications to Consider

The two speakers are not similar. Some aspects make them better than others. If you want to buy a speaker you should consider your requirements as well as your liking. Following are the factors you need to consider while purchasing the speaker you need.

Sound Clarity

Great speakers make the clearest sound. If the speaker is high performing it will have the least distortion. If you can identify the harshness in the music while playing it. It is not a good quality sound system.

When the sound is smooth and crystal clear it is considered a perfect speaker for your car

Frequency Response

Buying speakers is crucial it should provide some Exceptional music grades throughout the frequency spectrum. Installing subwoofers is not needed when you have great bass. If Speakers should be on a budget then you can concentrate on clear midrange and highs to the best.

Otherwise, if it’s the ease of budget you should go for the speaker that works on a wide range of frequencies.


High sensitivity means loud sound. The speaker with high sensitivity is capable of being loud enough to drain out external sound. The basic Sensitivity count is 87dB which means you will get great sound results if sensitivity is greater than this.

Volume range

Volume is the most important factor. If you have a speaker that doesn’t add to your built-in speaker volume it’s almost useless. But if you can get a high range of volume that is according to your desire it’s the best choice. If you are a person who enjoys moderate sound .. you should get one according to your liking

Other Important points

  • Your speaker should be installed in a dust-free location. As dust will alter the performance of the speaker. It will slow the system down and tone it down. Regular periodic dusting and cleanliness will keep things fresh and sound crystal clear
  • You should keep proper ventilation around your system. Effective ventilation is going to give it great shelf life. It will reduce heat collection inside the system.
  • Make sure that you plug the wire properly in the sockets during installation. This could be very beneficial as the wrong installation can blow up your speaker
  • Speakers electromagnetics will be distorted if you use the magnetic material for conduction. You should use non-magnetic material.
  • Go through the user manual before installation. These manuals provide critical details for installation. Should be read carefully. This way you can maintain the speakers properly


The cost of the speaker drives a lot of factors. If you are easy in the budget you can buy whichever speaker you desire but if you are tight on money you need to be very specific about what specifications you need because otherwise, it will drain your pocket.


 We consider the pioneer TS-A6990F 6×9 inch, 5-way speaker, as the best. Following are the factors for best choice speakers

  • The speaker has high-quality features that provide a satisfactory upgrade of all the aspects of sound quality. Audio quality, clarity, volume, and sensitivity.
  • Price favourability is another factor. It gives customers the great value of money.
  • It has a great design and built
  • Its easier to install for customers


Do 6x9 speakers sound better inbox?
To get more base you keep your speakers in the box .it will not disturb midrange but as the in the box will gain base more than normal therefore you might lose some midrange but it’s best for those who want more bass from small speakers. All we can say that the speakers work more efficiently in the box than in the open air.
How to make my 6x9 speakers sound better?
6×9 speakers are the best source to have quality sound inside your car but if you want more you need to get an enclosure box for the speakers and put them inside which will enhance the bass and improve the sound. Another way is to connect the external amplifier with 6×9 speakers. Due to the amp which will make bigger signals the sound will be bigger and better.


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