Which is Better 2ohm or 4ohm Subwoofer?

When anyone talks about the car subwoofer they have a 2-ohm subwoofer or 4-ohm subwoofer to select for their car. Ω this symbol represents the power of subwoofer ohm. The ohm is the international term that is used to measure electrical resistance.

When someone tries to choose the subwoofers for the car that will make his/her ride enjoyable. Most of the time people advised the subwoofer that has 2-ohm power or 4-ohm power but what is the difference between these two subwoofers and which one is better? Let’s find out by comparing both of them.

2 Ohm Car Subwoofers

When you are trying to determine that if a 2-ohm subwoofer is good or a 4-ohm speaker is good you should know that why does it matter? So, the ohm is the capacity of the subwoofer to holding the power and quality of sound which you’ll enjoy in your car.

The lower ohm subwoofers will shake your car in terms of sound as compared to the 4-ohm subwoofers that mean is that the 2-ohm subwoofer has a very loud volume.

The 2-ohm subwoofers are treated as cost-efficient subwoofers due to their low consumption of power. The 2ohm speakers consume low power and produce loud volume but the quality of the sound is not that good. If the subwoofer of your car consumes less energy then the quality of the sound delivered from it would also not very good.

These 2-ohm subwoofers are treated as cheap subwoofers and most of the car owners who don’t need quality music just loud music use these subwoofers. You’ll find the 2-ohm subwoofer within the range of 40 to 250 dollars from your nearest local store or Amazon.

2 Ohm Pros & Cons

  • Cost-effective
  • 2-ohm speakers have a louder sound
  • It is treated as the more budget option
  • It is best for the person who prefers loud music
  • Bad sound quality due to low consumption of power
  • Lower bass


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4-ohm car speakers

If you are a music lover and know music very well then you’ll love the 4-ohm car subwoofers for your car. These are the subwoofers that consume more power than the 2-ohm speakers and have a very crisp and clear voice.

The newbie who wants to make noise and doesn’t care about the quality doesn’t understand these subwoofers. These subwoofers are for the real enthusiastic music lovers that will make their riding experience better with the quality of sound.

Now you might be wondering that why the 4-ohm subwoofers provide high-quality sound because they have higher electrical resistance than the 2-ohm speakers and they also consume more power than them.

There are fewer people in the world who prefer these kinds of speakers because they are true music lovers others just need the beat to shake the car so, they go for the 2-ohm speakers. If you want to find these speakers you can find them on your nearest store or Amazon in the range from 20 dollars to a hundred and 20 dollars.

4 Ohm Pros & Cons

  • Crisp and clear sound
  • You can listen to the lyrics from some distance due to the clear quality
  • Decent loud music system
  • For true music lovers
  • It is not cost-efficient due to more consumption of power
  • Expensive subwoofers
  • Not for the weak electrical system of the car


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Difference between 2-ohm Subwoofers and 4-ohm Subwoofers

If you are here you might want to know, what is the difference between 2-ohm subwoofers and 4-ohm subwoofers? There are some common differences which we’ll describe first

Power consumption

If we talk about the power consumption then 2-ohm subwoofers are the clear winner here due to their less consumption of power. They are suitable for cars that have weak electric systems.

The 4-ohm is the loser of this competition because they consume more power than the 2-ohm speaker and they are not suitable for the cars which have the weak electrical system.


If you are looking for a low-power louder subwoofer for your car then the 2-ohm subwoofers are the best subwoofers for you and they beat the 4-ohm subwoofers in the volume competition because they are very loud that they will shake your car.

The 4-ohm subwoofers lost here in the volume competition too because they have very good decent volume sound which is perfect for the people who want to enjoy the lyrics of the songs.

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The 2-ohm subwoofer is a very loud low power consuming subwoofer but when it comes to the quality of sound they are nothing as compared to the 4-ohm subwoofers

The 4-ohm subwoofers have a very quality crip clear sound which is only like by the true music lowers. The quality of sound is that good that you can understand the lyrics of the song if you are at some distance.

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Db if we explain in the layman language is the quality of bass which is provided by your subwoofer.

Let’s take a subwoofer of 2-ohm and gives it the power of 2 watts the speaker will produce the 93 dB of watts.

Now let’s take the 4-ohm subwoofer and gives it the same power that will produce the bass of 90.5 dB which is a very big difference for the people who understand the music system of their cars. If you run the Subwoofers on the same powers the bass of the 2-ohm subwoofers will be slightly better than the 4-ohm subwoofers.

Which one most people choose?

If we gave both speakers the same amount of power then the 2-ohm speakers will provide you louder sound but the 4-ohm subwoofers will give you a very melodious sound which your ears will love to listen that’s why most of the peoples go for the 4-ohm subwoofers because not everyone like that loud party music which is disturbing to your ears.

Another thing which most of the people notice in buying subwoofer is the price of the subwoofer the people choose 4-ohm subwoofers because they provide good quality sound in budget price which suits their pockets.

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Conclusion- Which one is better?

The answer to this question belongs to you like if you love the party loud music and do not care about the sound quality then 2-ohm is best for you but if you are a cool guy who loves to listen to quality music while driving a car then 4-ohm is for you. Most of the people select the 4-ohm speakers due to the high-quality clear sound.

If you want us to recommend then we’ll recommend the 4-ohm subwoofers because they produce high-quality bass and crisp sound which is not bad for your ears. And the other reason is that it is the cheaper option in the subwoofers. You can get it within the range of 20 to 200 dollars in the market.

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What's better 2 ohm or 4-ohm subwoofer?
The best subwoofers depend on your choice of music if you are a party person and want louder music in your car and don’t care about the sound quality just need beats then you will love 2-ohm speakers but if you are a true music lover then you’ll love the 4-ohm speakers due to their high-quality crisp clear sound but you have to give it some extra power. This is not needed in the case of 2-ohm speakers they provide you loud music with low power consumption.
Can 4-ohm subs run at 2 ohms?
The 4-ohm speaker is designed to consume more power and then provide high-quality music to the listeners. If you want to run the 4-ohm subwoofers on 2-ohm then it will work but the power consumption would be low and the sound quality would be mostly the same as the 2-ohm subwoofers. And if you are a music freak who knows music then you might feel the difference but for the common people who just listen to music to enjoy quality and bass, both would be the same.
What ohms are better for bass?
If you are looking for a high-quality bass then undoubtedly the 4-ohm subwoofers are the first and best choice. They produce high-quality sound with great bass but they’ll also consume more energy. If you want more bass you can add multiple subwoofers in line and then the quality of the sound and bass both will give you a great experience.
How do I know if my sub is 2ohm or 4ohm?
To check that if your subwoofer is 2-ohm or 4-ohm you have to find the multimeter which can measure the ohm. If you find that then take the subwoofer in the open area and hook the ohmmeter with it. If the meter gives 2 then your subwoofer is 2-ohm and if the ohmmeter indicates 4 then your subwoofer is 4-ohm.

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