2-Way vs 3-Way Car Speaker! Which Is Preferable?

There is no better spot to tune in to your favorite music than in your car. There is only you, the car, and the road, with no one who can embarrass you for your bad singing. Music gives the soundtrack to your drive, and the perfect tune at the perfect time can make a lengthy drive more charming.

It sounds odd that you are driving without listening to music. Isn’t it? All things considered, if you are a music lover you’ll like to tune in to your music with the most ideal sound quality. The speakers you choose for your car affect your music experience a lot.

There are two fundamental sorts of speakers or drivers. These are coaxial, or full-reach, speakers, and Component speakers. These can additionally be divided into two-way and three-way speakers. Nonetheless, for many people, two-way and three-way speakers are most common.

Here in this article, we will discuss the two-way and three-way speakers and which one is the best. So let’s first talk about the basics of Speaker drivers.

Basics of Speaker Drivers

Every one of us knows about the speakers but most of us do not know about the basics of the speakers. Before buying the speaker you must know some of the details about the speaker components.

When you open up the car speaker box you will notice that there are two cone-shaped parts that are called drivers. They basically vibrate when sound is passed through them. The frequency of the sound ranges from low to high. Human ear audible frequency ranges from 20Hz to 20,000Hz, above or below that is not audible for the human ear.

So, different drivers produce sounds of different frequency ranges. Drivers further have three different types that have different frequency ranges.

  • Woofers
  • Mid-range
  • Tweeters

There is a device called ‘’crossover’’ that distributes the track sound into three different frequencies coming from these three drivers.

2-way VS 3-way Speaker – Overview

Two-way Speaker

This is the most common type of speaker in the market. There are two speakers that produce the sound of different frequency ranges i.e. low and high. There are two drivers in it that operate the sound system such as Woofer and Tweeter

Woofer usually allows the sounds to have a low-frequency range such as the sound of the guitar, bass, tuba, and drum. As there is no mid-range driver so woofer also plays the role of mid-range and produces the frequency ranges from 20 Hz to 2 kHz whereas Tweeter allows the sound of high frequency. It is responsible for the musical notes of the flute and cymbal. It deals with the frequency range of 2 kHz to 20 kHz.

2 – Way speakers come up with the built-in device called crossover that distributes the sound in two drivers but it actually stops the low basses and mid-range frequencies.

  • Can operate sounds of high and low frequency quite well.
  • More budget-friendly
  • Blocks noise
  • Sacrificing over mid-range frequencies
  • Not much loud


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3-Way Speaker

3-Way speaker is somehow more efficient and deals with the frequencies of high-range. There are three types of drivers in the speaker box i.e. Woofer, Tweeter, and Mid-range.  Mid-range deals with the frequency ranging from 160 Hz to 5.2 kHz usually sounds of trumpet and saxophones.

This type of speaker produces sounds of better and clear quality because crossover splits the sound between three drivers and the result is a much fuller sound. You do not have to sacrifice the sounds of mid ranges.

  • An additional component i.e. Mid-range
  • Much clear and fuller sound experience
  • Quite a loud sound
  • It can be expensive.


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2-way VS 3-way – Coaxial Speaker

There are a large woofer and a small tweeter in the 2-Way coaxial speaker box. But sometimes you will notice that there are a woofer and few small tweeters in the same box.

Whereas in 3-way coaxial or often called the triaxial have 3 drivers in it. A woofer, tweeter, and a mid-range. Mid-range is located on the woofer. Sometimes there is a ‘’super tweeter’’ instead of mid-range in the different boxes.

There is a drawback of 3-way coaxial speakers. Coaxial works best in splitting the sound in high and low-frequency range so when it comes to the triaxial system whether you put mid-range or super tweeters you do not get the best results. Because of this, I will recommend that the 2-Way coaxial system is good and produces a good quality sound.

Specifications of 2-Way Coaxial Speakers

  • No mid-range driver
  • Affordable
  • Simple crossover
  • Woofer and speaker are in the same box
  • Better sound experience

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Specifications of 3-Way Coaxial Speakers

  • Woofer, Tweeter, and Mid-range in one box
  • Expensive
  • Integrated crossover
  • Have noise issues
  • High bass

2-way VS 3-way – Component Speaker

In a 2-way component system, woofer and tweeters are present in different boxes but still, it will be a 2-way system.

Whereas in a 3-way component system, you add a mid-range drive that results in an excellent, clear, and fuller sound experience.  It is more complicated to install and more expensive to purchase. But if you can afford it then go for it.

Specifications of 2-Way Component Speakers

  • Woofers and tweeters are usually separated
  • External crossover circuit
  • Cheap
  • Clear sound

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Specifications of 2-Way Component Speakers

  • Woofers, tweeter, and mid-range are separated
  • More expensive
  • Integrated crossover

There are certain factors that you must keep in your in before purchasing a speaker

  • They must be affordable
  • They must have a high-quality sound
  • They must be customized easily

2-way VS 3-way – Crossover

Crossover is like the brain of your speaker. They direct the original sounds to the drives. They split up the high and low-frequency sound in a 2-way speaker. The better your crossover network, the better will be your speaker sound quality. The 2-way speakers have a better cross-over the system as they deal with only two frequencies.

3-way crossovers are integrated crossovers and they are unfortunately less efficient and results in less clear sound effects.

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5Best –2Way Speakers

Speaker choosing Factors

  • Quality of the speaker
  • Amplifier
  • Affordability
  • Crossover
  • Component or Coaxial Speaker
  • Installation

Component or Coaxial Speakers

People rush towards a 3-way component speaker but a good quality 2-way coaxial speaker is better than a mediocre component speaker. Sometimes appearance is not everything, coaxial speakers are relatively cheaper and can be customized easily.


Crossover is also a major factor to consider while purchasing a speaker. It affects the quality of sound and therefore, one should always look up to their needs and taste.


Affordability means a lot when you are going to buy a speaker for your car. Of course, if you have less budget you can go for a coaxial speaker and if you can spend a good amount of money on a speaker and don’t want any compromise on the sound quality then you can go for a top notch component speaker.

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If you are really a music lover then I am sure you must want some good quality amplifier in your car. It will help you boost up your speaker performance and hence you will get an amazing sound experience.

Quality of the Speaker

Must lookup for a good quality speaker while buying it. Sometimes vibration due to the bass results in the loosening of nuts and also checks for the durability and material of the box.


Coaxial speakers can be installed and customized easily. Most coaxial speakers are built-in. so installation is easy for coaxial speakers.

Size of the Speaker

Small Speakers

Speakers come in various sizes depending on the purpose and needs of a person. You must choose the size of the speaker wisely. As I have said appearance is not everything, a small size speaker works well for a small room and never go with a large speaker for a small room as it will not work properly.

Moreover, small size speakers are more handy and cheap.

Large size Speakers

Large size Speakers are good for large rooms like theatres etc. and they produce a very loud sound. So always purchase according to your needs and requirements.

So, what you have to choose/ 2-way or 3-way?

As we have discussed above all the specifications, comparisons between the two speakers now it’s up to you that what your needs are. A 2-way speaker will be good for you if you want to listen to some smooth and relaxing sounds. But a 2-way coaxial speaker is much better in quality than a 3-way coaxial speaker.

Always check for the reviews, product quality, and great crossover. All these things together can give you an everlasting sound experience.

Final Verdict

To sum up, all the discussion, if you are truly a music lover and hold sound quality with high significance, the component system offers much better quality and 3-way speakers are acknowledged to be the best with regards to the component system.

But if you are not much a music lover and do not listen to the routine I think you will not even notice the difference between a 2-way and 3-way speaker. So, it’s good to choose a 2-way coaxial speaker as it will also save you money.

While completing your investigation into 2 and 3-way frameworks, you may all around go over somewhere in the range of 4 and 5-way speakers. Simply adding an ever-increasing number of drivers won’t improve the sound yield.

If you really want a high quality, the loudspeaker then 3-way component speakers is for you. These speakers are much more expensive. So always go with the affordability.


Which is the best speaker, 2-way or 3-way?
It is more about your preference, if you are really a music jookie and like high pitch sounds then you must go for the 3-way speaker. If you like some light and melodious music then a 2-way speaker is for you. People usually consider a 3-way speaker as the best option due to its advanced technology but this is not true, a good quality 2-way speaker is better than a 3-way speaker and the rest is upon you; always consider affordability and your needs.
Do 3-way speakers need a cross over?
Yes, Cross overs are the important parts of a 3-way speaker as they help in the splitting of sound into three different drivers. However, proper installation and setting of the crossover are essential as it affects sound quality.
What is the difference between coaxial and component speakers?
Actually, the main difference between them is the position of the woofers and tweeters. In coaxial speakers, tweeter and woofers are present in the same speaker box whereas in component speakers they are present in different boxes. It affects the overall sound quality.
Which speaker is mostly used by people?
People usually prefer to go with the 3-way speakers as they are much loud and have excellent bass. But if you like lighter and soft music you can go for a 2-way speaker.
Can you customize a 2-way speaker?
Yes, you can customize a 2-way speaker; some vehicles come with built-in coaxial speakers. But you can customize it further by opening up its nuts and bolts simply. So a 2-way speaker can be the best option for you.


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